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October 2-5

Sunday AM-Keynote Address

Notes / PowerPoint

Tuesday PM-Field Presentation

Our keynote speaker was our own veteran Missionary Ray Rhoton.  He and his wife Kristi were taken on by GBC 3 years ago as they began their time in Costa Rica where Ray grew up as a "Missionary Kid."

Ray's parents, Randy and Sherry Rhoton, pastored Grace Baptist Church of Milan, NM when our own Pastor Jerry was a kid there and when the Rhoton's  son was known as "Ray-Ray."

Here's the Rhoton Ministries website with much more info. on both families.  Ray and Kristi are looking for a little more support before returning to the field in May, 2006.  You can contact them thru the website, above.

Sunday PM-Preaching

We also had the privilege of having Daniel and Kristy Smith, on deputation now heading for The Congo in Africa.  GBC presently has more than 20 missionaries but none on the dark continent.  We are praying for God's will in this matter.

Wednesday PM-Field Presentation

The Smiths are taking meetings and may be contacted at 219-670-7442 or at

Monday PM-Field Presentation


Steve and Natalie Arn are heading to Papua New Guinea where Natalie served with her parents who are pioneer missionaries on the Pacific island chain.  They shared their burden as well as the life-changing videos documenting the New Tribes Mission success over the last 2 decades in reaching these remote islanders...

“What is EE-TAOW?

 We're glad you asked!








“Ee-Taow” is a word in the Mouk language that you will never forget! 

A Kodak Moment!

Prepare for an astounding visual experience.  Witness the moment in time that the Mouk people discover the forgiveness of God through the sacrifice of Jesus.





Don’t miss it!








   Monday—Int’l Dinner [signup Sunday]

   Tuesday—Soups & Sandwiches $2

   Wednesday—Spaghetti Dinner$2


Signup Sunday to take a Missionary out for a meal, or have them to your home!

…it’s a wonderful experience
spending time with these heroes!

We Cook For You

Schedule for Oct. 2-5 Missions Conference:

  Sunday 9:30 AM

            Kickoff Service in Auditorium for all adults and young people from 2nd grade on up.

            We will watch the 30 min. film “Ee-Taow!” about the salvation of an entire Mouk tribe in Papua New Guinea.  You’ll never be the same after viewing it.  This will be followed by a “Meet the Missionaries” time with all 3 Missionary families.

Sunday 10:45 AM

            Keynote Speaker Ray Rhoton-Costa Rica will preach.

Sunday 5:15 PM

            2nd chance airing of “Ee-Taow!” for visitors you invite to come and see it, as well as S.S. workers and others who cannot make it for the 9:30 AM showing.

Sunday 6 PM

            Guest Missionary Daniel Smith-The Congo will preach.

Sunday 7 PM

            30 min. sequel:  “Ee-Taow!  The Next Chapter” will be shown.

ATTENTION!  The 3 weeknights of the conference are the most important services…this is when each family will share visuals from their country and share their burden for the people God has called them to.

Monday 5:30 PM

            International Pot-Luck

            Reply, call, or sign-up at the Welcome Center no later than Sunday to bring a foreign dish of your choosing.

Monday 6:30-7:45 PM

            Guest Missionaries Steve and Natalie Arn-Papua New Guinea will present their field by way of their video presentation and testimonies.  Steve will preach.

Tuesday 5:30 PM

            Soup & Sandwiches

Tuesday 6:30-7:45 PM

            GBC Missionaries Ray and Kristi Rhoton-Costa Rica will present their field by way of their ? presentation and testimonies.  Ray will preach.

Wednesday 5:30 PM

            Spaghetti Supper

Wednesday 6:30-7:45 PM

            Guest Missionaries Daniel and Kristy Smith-The Congo will present their field by way of their video presentation and testimonies.  Daniel will preach.

We all need to pray about what God wants to do in our heart thru this, and how we can do our part.  We can pray, we can give, we can go.  We can be sent or we can help send.  “Lord, work mightily this week!”

Are you new to “Faith Promise” Missions?  Check out this helpful page on what it’s all about.

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