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Welcome to our Missions Conference page for 2007. This is the heartbeat of our church, and I trust you will be blessed to hear these messages and know these people. And may we make our main thing truly be "keeping the main thing the main thing."                                Pastor Jerry

9/23/07 - "We've Got Mail" - 2 Chronicles 30:1-6
Hezekiah founded an early Bible Post Office, and now God sends us to ’deliver the mail’ and carry His message to the ends of the earth.

This was our kickoff message the week prior to conference is a tribute to all our missionaries who 'carry God's mail' on our behalf.


Keynote Speaker:


Joe and Sylvia Wells are our veteran missionaries to Ecuador.  They were in Pastor Jerry's first conference at GBC in 2002.  Bro. Joe spoke for the first time on the last night, and in that moment Bro. Jerry committed to bringing him back as the keynote speaker someday, as God permitted.  We're so glad that day has come!



Sunday AM-Keynote Address








Sunday PM Message


Wednesday PM-Field Presentation


Ron and Susan Taylor are going to be missionaries to virtually every nation on earth!  They realized that by going to the mission field of New York City they are 'going into all the world'. 

The Shirleys have known these two since 1996...when Ron and Susan were young people in their church seeking God's will. 

"The Manhattan Project"                  Susan singing [video]


Monday PM-Field Presentation

                    Kickoff Service


Promo video


Scott and Mary Clark went to college with the Shirleys, and were surrendered to go into the ministry from early on.  But God had other plans for this couple first--

Scott served 9 years in the Air Force as a pilot flying military aircraft.  He trained in fighter aircraft and most recently flew the C-9 and C-17. Just a year ago Scott was flying missions in Afghanistan and in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Tuesday PM-Field Presentation

                   Service Video


Promo video


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Please prayerfully consider what God would have you to do for worldwide missions.

"You can pray,

 you can give,

 you can go!"

Here is the pledge card you will receive on Sunday.  Please notice there is no place for your name.  Your pledge is between you and God, and this card is for budgeting purposes only. 

We have promoted the dates of this conference for a year in advance.  This is the one time each year we ask our people to come out on a Monday and Tuesday.  Please make arrangements and don't miss the blessing!