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Welcome to our Missions Conference page for 2008. This is the heartbeat of our church, and I trust you will be blessed to hear these messages and know these people. And may we make our main thing truly be "keeping the main thing the main thing."                                Pastor Jerry

The Big Picture -8 min. video                           Missionary intros.

Keynote Speaker:


Sam and Blessy Thomas are our veteran national missionaries to India.  Sam was in Pastor Jerry's first conference at GBC in 2002.  When he spoke for the first time Bro. Jerry committed to bringing him back as the keynote speaker someday, as God permitted.  We're so glad that day has come!

All will be blessed by the cultural insights Sam will share about Hindus and Muslims, and a double blessing will come when you get to taste some of the authentic Indian dishes Blessy will make for the International Dinner on Monday!


Sun. AM-Keynote Address   





Wed. PM-Field Presentation



Russ and Sylvia Daniels are veteran missionaries to Uganda who have seen great success in their first 3 terms on the field.  You will be blown away when you watch a video posted on their webpage, below...


Monday PM-Field Presentation


Karen Kolb is part of a well known ministry family of pastors and missionaries, and she is going to Guatemala.  Her situation is unique and will be a special distinction during the week.


Tuesday PM-Field Presentation


Patrick and Kami Gimenez lead a beautiful and musical young family on their way to the French people on the isle of St. Bartholemy in the West Indies.  They will share their talents and testimonies with us as well.


Sunday PM-Field Presentation



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Please prayerfully consider what God would have you to do for worldwide missions.

"You can pray,

 you can give,

 you can go!"

Here is the pledge card you will receive on Sunday.  Please notice there is no place for your name.  Your pledge is between you and God, and this card is for our budgeting purposes only, so we can know how many new missionaries we can add this year. 

We have promoted the dates of this conference for a year in advance.  This is the one time each year we ask our people to come out on a Monday and Tuesday.  Please make arrangements and don't miss the blessing!