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Missionary to:

Steven Khoury

Dear Partners in Christ,

I write to you from the Heart of Jerusalem. Praise the Lord for all the good work He is doing through our presence. Recently, two ladies that have been trained and discipled in our church for the past two years were baptized in the Jordan River. Praise the Lord! Baptism is one of the hardest steps for any one in Israel to take because that is the outward confession to all friends and family, and many get persecuted for it. We also saw a couple for the 1st time ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Do you believe and think that God can do more through us? Do you believe that Muslims, Jews, and Arabs can come to the understanding that they need a savior, and that Savior is the King named Jesus? Yes to all the above it takes a servant of God to say Yes to Jesus by faith and no to Satan……

Last year we asked you to reach your hand out to help us spread the message to the needy community. The Christmas Banquet 2005 was celebrated with more than 105 families (of whom 70 were first time visitors!). We passed out gifts, food, clothing, printed Christian materials, Christian music, etc. valued at $75 per family. Through this meeting we saw three families commit to the Lord and many children for the first time heard about the Love of Jesus Christ. There is a high percentage of unemployment in the area especially with the war with Lebanon and the Middle East crisis. Every day here people are dying, our heart hurts for the ones that die and we do not reach them with the Gospel.

We have another opportunity this year to reach out to the community with the Gospel message; also we must not forget our brothers in Christ who are suffering. We need your help! We would like to bless our people this year with the same blessings that we showed them last year. We need $8500 U.S. to be able to make this year happen. In the past we saw all of you step up and give toward this need. We are asking that you would by faith take part in this race once again. We need your partnership in this especially at such a needy time as this. Who do we turn to? The Muslims will not help, the Jews will not help. We need to count on you this year. Thanks for your prayer in this matter and your sacrificial giving to this cause. We thank God through you and for what you will be giving towards this need.

His Ambassador,

Pastor Steven Khoury (Gal 2:20)

P.S. Please come visit us in the Holy Land as many have begun to come, and do visit us on our website.

Steve Khoury

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