Grace Baptist Church Decatur, IL

"Come As You Are ... Leave Better!"



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Thank you for the CD collection.  Your ideas, outlines, alliterations, etc. have been a great help and blessing.

I preached to 700 plus college students last week and got the core thought from your website and your sermon on Victory (point 1 was vigilant..).  I have your church website on my bookmark list and God has used you to edify me.  I have told many about your gift for capturing thoughts in a clear, concise, alliterated manner.

Keep up the good work.  I respect you and appreciate you from a distance. 

Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Vice President

West Coast Baptist College

I have enjoyed the CD immensely. The outlines are really helpful.

Pastor Timothy

The collection of sermons are excellent and definitely provide superb material for all of us who pastor. I appreciate the sound, conservative, fundamental stand for the truth of Scripture in a day when so many are straying from the Biblical foundations of the Word. Keep up the great work and alliterations for the ministry to preachers everywhere. God bless.

Pastor Donald

I am enjoying the CD and I really love the sermons it has helped me tremendously.

Pastor Pete

I did receive the CD-ROM on the book of Acts. I am a bi-vocational pastor working early mornings which is quite challenging with the pastor's life. Having to work outside the ministry & working on my master's limits my time. It is such a real blessing to have your website and materials available. Thank you.  You seem to be doing a great service for the Lord and to the community.

Pastor Dan

I did receive the cd. It is great. I have also enjoyed your webpage and sermons on it. Thanks and God bless.

Pastor Charles

I received the CD.  What I have seen I am very pleased with. As you know in pastoring time is of essence. I believe this will help me in sermon preparation. Thanks for putting this together.

Pastor Mike

I did receive the CD, Just glanced at it, but can say its very well put together. I've been wanting to start my own Power point messages, but have been grappling with several draw backs. Time being the biggest.  I'm just not sure of all the mechanics involved in producing the Presentations. I know I could just buy the slides necessary, but as You know its hard to find just the right slides to match your messages.

Pastor Doug

I received my CD...these sermons will be a great help to me. I work a full time job and also pastor a little country church, so my sermon preparation time is limited.

Pastor Danny

I have reviewed the CD and the slides look great.  Thank you for making this ministry available.

Pastor Alan

I did receive the CD and am enjoying incorporating the material as part of my sermons. I thank you for your faithful ministry.

Pastor Luis

Thanks for your kindness in offering to send us your power point messages from the past two or three years. [on CD] I would love to have them and see what I can glean and learn from an energetic, enthusiastic, positive younger man of God.

Missionary in Brazil

The CD rom is great. I mix and match your sermons with my own to create one comprehensive message. As part of my routine messages, I always credit those who I have obtained help, sermons, or illustrations.

Pastor Paul

I received the CD with the sermons.  Thanks you so much.  That was a quick response.  I will share these with some of my church staff.

Missionary in Philippines

Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it on the internet. I have used some of the 2003-2004 from the CD that I have received and the people were blessed because of its Scriptural message. I especially like the power point because they are time consuming.

Pastor David

I received the CD-Rom, Thank You so much it has been very helpful. Thanks for all you do.

Bro. Joel

I received the CD quickly and it is a tremendous blessing!  Praise God for men who continue to stand firm on the truth and preach the gospel without compromise.  I do glean ideas, outlines, etc. from your messages and they have afforded many useful backgrounds.  Keep up the great work for the cause of Christ - May our heavenly Father add souls to His family because of your willingness in His service.
Pastor Donald

I received the CD's  and they have become excellent tools for helping me communicate through PowerPoint.

Pastor Don

I do appreciate your website and the ability to download sermons and helps. As a pastor and single person staff in a small church I am very occupied with everything from janitorial work to pastor duties. So, being able to have a skeleton to start from on a subject that I feel led to preach on is of great help. I don’t use your sermons all the time--------mostly when you may have something on a current hot topic---- which I do not have the time or resources to pull all together in a timely manner.

When I use your material it allows me to start with something already typed up on my computer---from which I can modify, add, delete to personalize it for myself and to my congregation. That is a big time saver.

The other added attraction for your sermons was the PowerPoint slides. As I said---I am time limited. 

I believe that every pastor should “write his own stuff” and it must come out of personal studies ---not just retelling someone else’s sermon.

I do appreciate the selling of a CD for a reasonable price----this tells me you are out to help others in the ministry and not out to make a buck. And it makes it affordable for someone like me. My little church of 25 folks cannot even pay the bills and salary at this time.

Pastor Ron

I am enjoying the CD and it as been a real blessing to me and insights it has given me has been a blessing to our People...Your Messages are much my style of Preaching and I have gotten many ideas and developed them into Sermons for my People.  I thank the Lord for your Ministry and for the help I have received from it and am looking forward to continued material.

Pastor Jack

I like your sermons. Please know I only use them as sermon starters when I usually have a topic I already know I'm preaching on. Since I do not have a Tech team yet, I find the power points very helpful. Thanks.

Pastor Keith