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How Do I Get a Series for FREE?

See also:  Benefits to getting them on a CD-ROM instead of downloading.



If there's anything the "Grace Notes" sermon ministry is known for it's that it's free, and that making it free is only possible because of your word of mouth recommendations.  And so...


There are 3 ways to get 'on site' sermons for free:


1.    Vote for the sermons.  It only takes a moment.  Just follow the directions at any sermon's page.  Your votes amount to a recommendation to others to check us out.  And our webstats show us which of you do this consistently.  Several of you are being rewarded with a series this year because of your voting consistency throughout the year.  Congratulations, and thanks for helping spread the Word!  It's all about 'Word of Mouth' to keep this ministry free!  Write Pastor Jerry and let him know if you have been overlooked at the end of the year!  He'll send your free Instant Download link to your email address.


2.    Sign up friends.  Just 3 Senior Pastors or Missionaries who subscribe, mentioning that you recommended them, gets you a series with our compliments.  They must include their city/state, and the name of their church when they write.  Thanks for helping spread the Word!


3.    Keep copying/pasting them for free.  After all, they're 'on site'...and that's what we started this ministry for.  Sure, there are benefits to the CD-ROMs, but "free" is a real bargain if you don't mind the extra work.


Testimonials from some who've ordered

As new series are released, free subscribers get the option of downloading the entire series, organized in folders, for just a small delivery charge, and skip completely the $40 price paid by others on the website!