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This Sermon-Site was started in summer of 2004.  All sermons since that date have been free to cut/paste if you don't mind the work.  Web space restrictions force us to remove some sermons from the site after a period of time.  Some sermons on this sales page are from before 2004 or are part of a special collection not available on the website. 

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Remember...this is primarily a free download ministry...our main goal is getting this material out, but web space and time don't allow for the sermons from before 2004.  Plus, some users don't have "High Speed" connections or don't want to fool with cutting/pasting [believe us, we understand!]. 

The money from Instant Download and Flash Drive sales helps offset the large amount of web space this ministry consumes, which helps keep this a free service, and will help us be able to post more messages in the future!