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Grace Notes Sermon Ministry is in double digits!

This ministry was born on June 6, 2004.  So we are celebrating by offering you our new flash drive!  We need to get one in your hands to streamline all future releases online.

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We are proud to offer the 'cutting edge' in digital technology.  USB has established itself as the wave of the future.

CD-ROMs are going the way of the floppy disk - most new computers no longer include a CD drive.

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                                          Overview of most of our series


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Grace Notes

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  • Files are editable and come in standard Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats, many have handouts available.  All Sermons and PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations ęCopyright Jerry Shirley and Grace Notes Ministries« unless otherwise credited.  These resources are yours to use freely and uncredited, but only in public worship services or private study groups and devotions.  They may not be sold, republished or retransmitted in any form without written permission.

  •  PowerPoints are included for free as shareware.

  • Highly organized in folders so all is easy to find.

  • This flash drive is copy-protected, but multiples are available at a reduced rate if you write us

  • Make great gifts to pastors...they'll think of you and thank you every week they use it!

  • Shipping:  We are proud to ship for only $5!  Please allow up to 1 week for shipping  to USA, but most receive their order in 3 business days!  No "duty" should be added on our international shipments as they are labeled "$0 value / Educational".

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  • The "Complete Collection" ends up costing less than 10 cents per file!