Grace Baptist Church Decatur, IL

"Come As You Are ... Leave Changed!"

My primary resource for outlines and much of my content is my mentor...the man God "tied me to" for ministry training, Dr. Steve Proctor, of Westwood Baptist Church, Poplar Bluff, MO.  You can learn more about him and our unique relationship here.  Bro. Steve is a gifted expositor, and he has some great men he follows as well.  He taught me this principle of sharing and how we all stand taller on each other's shoulders.  Thanks Bro. Steve!

Some of these great outlines and powerful stories/illustrations come from Evangelist Dr. Tom Wallace, who shared them with me for use, uncredited.  Some of our book studies draw from the wisdom of J. Vernon McGee and Warren Wiersbe.  And some topical and expository content comes from the late, great Dr. Adrian Rogers, who upon hearing about our call to Pastor pulled my wife and I to our knees on the platform at Bellevue Baptist and laid his hands on us, praying a long, tender prayer for us just a short while before his passing. Additionally, my dad is a Pastor, as is my Father-in-law, and their contributions and influence cannot be overstated.  A Godly heritage is God be the glory! I thank God for the gifts of writing, outlining, PowerPoint design and organization, and I count it a privilege to share these materials with those who need it. A few other sources are used from time to time, and are credited in the sermons.