Bible Study Series

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Bible Study Series:

Here's a selection of 30 of the Old Testament's greatest stories, focusing on Christ and Redemption, and all tied to New Testament truths.  These were presented to a couples class. 

One of the lessons is linked below as an example of the format and quality of all 30 lessons. [No PowerPoints]

Here are the titles included:

The Creation Story        Fall of Man        Cain and Abel        Noah and the Ark        Abraham's Faith     

Abraham and Isaac        Esau Sells His Birthright        Jacob's Dream        The Wrestling Match      

 Joseph and His Brothers        The Burning Bush        Passover        Manna From Heaven        The Smitten Rock

At Sinai        Jubilee        Pillars of Cloud and Fire        The Brazen Serpent        Ruth's Choice        Rahab of Jericho

The Call of Samuel        David and Goliath        Mephibosheth        Elijah and the Prophets of Ba'al       

Naaman the Leper        Esther        The Fiery Furnace        Belshazzar's Feast        Daniel in the Den of Lions       

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