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Make America Godly Again
A timely look at the only way of escape from the looming destruction for which we are unwittingly poised. 17 sermons with PowerPoints and handouts.


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Judges [Saving America]
This series is 14 Messages on bringing America back to God. The book of Judges shows an uncanny parallel between Israel and present day America, speaking to her problems both economic and political, as well as morality, terrorism, immigration and healthcare.
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See all sermons in Exodus series



"The End of the World"

Matthew 24-25

Stunning visuals accompany Jesus' end times teachings


Revelation PowerPoint Sermons SeriesRevelation Series    



 Gospel of Matthew PowerPoint Sermons Series

The Gospel of Jesus [w/ Matthew as our guide]



Acts PowerPoint Sermons Series

Acts Series







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The Church, Stewardship, Evolution, and more!

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Everything from before this website began!



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Angels"Angels Series" - 12 Sermons With PowerPoints
The unseen spirit world around us.  A complete study ranging from a description of angels to their functions, as well as fallen angels, and much, much more!



"Spiritual Gifts:  Service After Surrender" - You can find your gifts under Calvary's them, learn about them, and use them!

        [9 Sermons with PowerPoint]



Bible Study Lessons"Bible Study Series" - Great for Adult Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, or Small Groups.  [Easily adapted for preaching, too!]

        [30 PowerPoints]



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