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Noah's Ark PowerPoint Sermon


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Dad Almighty

Hebrews 11:7



Dads are by no means ‘all powerful,’ but they are ‘all responsible.’  I was privileged to see an advanced screening of Evan Almighty, and while it is in many ways an irreverent spoof, the ‘Noah’ of that story is a dad held responsible for his household.  He also recognizes his importance for the sake of the world…something we too need to get a grip on.


As fathers today we need to see that we have a lot in common with Noah in these stormy days we live in, and we need to learn how to build an ark of safety for our family. 


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The people of Noah’s day were in trouble, and we are in trouble. But God has a message of hope that provides us with His wisdom about what to do in these perilous times.
As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of man. (Matthew 24:37)


3 Ways to pass on a Godly Heritage:


1.     Get Saved   you have to receive the heritage first! (Noah found grace…)


2.     Get Right (might mean getting rid of something… / getting right w/ a family member / getting married!)


3.     Get into Church

(do you love Jesus?…you’ll love what Jesus loves!)


Outline from Heb. 11:7

Noah’s Faith Saved Him


    Noah’s Fear Moved Him


Noah’s Family Followed Him



Dads, you’re not ‘almighty,’ but are you trusting in the God Who is?  Have you looked to the eyes of the Lord for grace?  Are you constructing your house by God’s design plans?





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