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Eccles.1:9  "...there is no new thing under the sun." 

Primary Sources I use                           Matt. 10:8 "...freely ye have received, freely give."




Pastor JerryPastor Jerry Shirley"I believe in study and preparation and sharing the message God wants ME to share, but I cannot get past the fact that we all stand taller on one another's shoulders.  God has blessed me with several fabulous mentors from which I draw many helps.  They don't want to 'hog' all the good material...they only desire for God to be glorified. How can I do less?  What's the old saying? ... 'Milk all the cows you can, then churn your own butter!'  Or, 'It's ok to borrow bullets, just shoot them from your own gun!'


"Pull bits and pieces as you feel led, or take the whole package and make it your own...however God leads, and as long as He gets the credit!"



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Read what others around the world are saying about this exciting ministry:


Thanks so much for the wonderful gift of your ministry! I don't believe that my ministry would be what it is today without the resources you've made available to me. God has used you in a mighty way and I give HIM the glory for it, but I wanted to say thanks to you as well! I started as a tri-vocational pastor of a small church of about 25 people and now I'm full-time pastor of a congregation of 130-150. God is blessing our socks off and your sermon helps and power point presentations have helped it to happen. I'm attending seminary one day per week and with a family and visitation and all the other stuff we pastors do, I have been able to put together good, solid sermons and lives have been changed by the power of GOD! When it comes to sermons, I "milk a lot of cows but churn my own butter." Your resources have certainly reduced the number of cows I have to milk!


Pastor Morris in Indiana

I appreciate your ministry and thank God for men like you who are diligent to "Stand in the GAP!" Your sermons serve as great resources and more importantly they preach to my heart when I read them! You are definitely a Pastor to me. God has anointed your preaching and your sermons speak to my heart through the power of His Holy Spirit! Right after Hurricane Katrina I needed a Charge from God's Word and your sermon "A Spiritual Second Wind" gave me that charge. I can tell that you are a man of humility and God has Great Things in store for you and your family because you cared enough to call me back personally. It was a blessing getting to talk to you and may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you! KEEP PREACHING HIS WORD!
Pastor Randy

Folsom, Louisiana

It is impressive how the Lord has used you in the work there!! I believe with all of my heart we can change the world for Christ as we strive together to serve the Lord.


Dr. Neal Jackson

former Pastor, Campus Church, Pensacola, FL

Although there are thousands of sermons available online, relatively few of them seem well thought out and well presented. I've come across your sermons on sermon central at different times, not looking for your sermons in particular, just good sermons on whatever topic I'm studying. And it seems like whenever I come across one that I feel is acceptable, many times, it's one of yours. So, I just want to say thanks for allowing us to gain from your wisdom, talents, and abilities.


Pastor Eric, USA

I think you are doing an amazing job at that Church from what I can see.  Dynamic and on fire.  Too bad I am so far away.
Thanks again and God Bless brother!!



Every message i've read has been a blessing to me and some of those have inspired some great sermons that have blessed my people. Pastor Jerry your sermons are exciting, informative and easy for the listener, in other words just a blessing.


Pastor Kenneth, USA

I rely on you as my Asst. Pastor, writer, illustrator and anything else that comes my way from your desk.  I want to thank you for all of your work that you do put into sermons.

Pastor Scott, USA

God has used your ministry to enable me to pastor the church where I serve. I work two full time jobs as well as pastoring a congregation of about 60 people. Study time for me is very limited and your sermons and resources have absolutely been a gift from God! In the past year we've seen 24 souls saved! You are reaching more people than you know! I've purchased all of the sermon series you've offered so far.  I'm not a gifted speaker and a poor writer but your sermons and power-point presentations have helped God breath a breath of fresh wind and fresh fire into this little country church! Thank you so very much for doing what you do!!


Pastor Don, USA

I rejoice over the fact that you dare to stand for the truth, without any compromise. Not many in our times do so. I enjoy your sermons very much and praise God for your ministry. Have you ever visited India? Please do think and pray about the possibilities of your visiting India...I humbly request you to pray about your sermons being translated and printed in Hindi and other Indian languages. I count your messages as treasure that needs to be exposed to the masses.

Pastor Sam in India


Great material! Your style is relevant, doctrinally sound, and makes for outstanding preaching.  I used one of your sermons last Sunday morning. God blessed and I had great liberty in preaching (even my mother-in-law got the cd - unbelievable!).

Pastor Len in Florida

Of all the messages I read by thousands of pastors on Sermon Central, I always seem to be drawn to yours. They are Spirit filled, Biblically based, and expressed in a common language people can understand. Three qualities I always try to incorporate in my own messages.  I am a pastor too. I have been for twenty some years now. I have been on the mountain and to hell and back. Right now I am going through some extreme battles with in my life and have needed the extra inspiration that your messages often provide even if I only read them for me.

Pastor Rich--USA

I just happened to be searching for some power point help and I came across your site. Of all that I have encountered yours definitely is the most resourceful. I am a Pastor  in London, Ontario Canada and I use power point messages. I really appreciate the opportunity you give to share so freely. Thank you for your kindness and grace.

Pastor Troy in Canada

I have just recently found your web sight, and I do not consider it as being by accident, but a God thing. I have really been blessed by your sermons and your style of preaching. I have not started using power points yet, however I have done a few. Some of our people don’t seem ready for too much of that yet, but I am moving them. I have read a many of sermons from the old classics to Pastor’s like Jerry Vines, former pastor of 1st Baptist Jacksonville, Florida. But I have been moved and filled each time I read one of your sermons that are without a doubt God inspired. They are direct and without compromise.


Pastor Womack in Georgia

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Our minister has moved away and I have been filling in till we can find one. I'm not qualified or worthy to be a minister and if it wasn't for you and your sermon sight the doors would probably be closed. God bless you and please keep up the Lords work.

Norm in Ohio

I received my order from your Ministry today and not only was it all in order, some free extras were included as well. Thank You!  I’m a working Pastor (Full time) and it is difficult at times to put sermons or studies together. I find that certain Ministers and Ministries fail to reach me at the point of my need, and as a result nothing is gained.

After visiting your site, everything I need at this phase of Ministry was there and much to my surprise--FREE!
I ministered the message from your site entitled CSI: Easter. It was a sermon that sparked more response than any other. People were taking notes, and hanging on every ppt. slide. After the message several requests were made for copies of the presentation not to mention an awesome altar call and two new converts. The “AMENS” are getting louder and the people are learning and so am I.  I’m so thankful, because your site is the answer to our dilemma. What you offer so generously for free, other Ministries would charge thousands. Even what I paid for was far more than I expected.

Your site is anointed, with ease I was able to navigate the menus and retrieve the information I needed.  Let me go on record and say because of your site my faith in Ministers and Ministries has been renewed. I asked God for insight that would have immediate impact, and He sent me to you. Thank you for all your help.  If ever you need me in any capacity, you need but call, for the thing I’ve learned from you is, feely I’ve received, and freely I give.  Thank you so much Pastor Jerry, I love you though I’ve never laid eyes on you, the joy of your spirit floods my soul.

Ron Roberson, Anchor
CNN Headline News Local Edition  Bellflower, CA

One night I was playing on the internet and just happened for get to your site. It has been a blessing so far.  It was at a time that I needed a word from the Lord, as our church was destroyed by Hurricane Rita and we are presently meeting in a funeral home.  I ask of you and your church family to remember our church, my family and me in your prayers.


Pastor Tommie in Texas

I have found your website while I was browsing SermonCentral. Your website is a good source of reference materials with audio and power point at that. And that makes your ministry unique.

Pastor Robert in the Philippines

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I was so pleased to discover your site. I am a full time pastor, in CA and I use Powerpoint and many other resources to make my messages interesting and dynamic. Your resouces are awesome and something I 'd like to duplicate in my ministry here. Thanks again for sharing so generously with all of us. God bless you with every perfect gift.

Pastor Doug

Thank you for your fine sermon work. I have used some of them and they have all gone over well.


Pastor Rob

It seems the last few weeks we have been attacked on alcoholism and social drinking. So, I was looking at Sermon Central at your sermon and thought 'this guy looks like he has his stuff together.' Now, here I am.


Pastor Chad in Colorado

I appreciate your down to earth truth in preaching. You are doing something so many others aren't...being practical to today's world.


Pastor Jason

Grace Notes have been a huge blessing to me. We all know that we have to rework a lot of material to make it fit our style of preaching, and to preach it with power. Grace Notes are biblical and there is never a doubt that they resonate with truth.


Dr. Keith Gillming in St. Louis, MO

I like the clear and concise way you have of opening the passage; the brilliant and timely illustrations; and the kind yet firm way you have of "drawing the net," (giving the invitation.)


Pastor Tom--USA

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Thank you for allowing your messages to be used as one of the tools a pastor like like me could use. frankly speaking, I really like your style. It's an appropriate message to the 21st century world where the old fashion gospel were not compromised. Thanks a lot.


Pastor Marlon--USA

Thank you for making your sermons available on SermonCentral and on your church web site. I read sermons from pastors just for ideas and to lift my spirits sometimes.  Thank you again for your dedication to the Lord and your great sermons.


Pastor Ron in Illinois

I bless the name of the Lord at what you are doing in the body of Christ. It is wonderful to see men and women of God stand firm in faith and declare the message of Jesus Christ. I was greatly touched and ministered to when I came a cross your Ministry page. God bless you greatly for obeying His voice to minister this kind of healing to the Body of Christ, It is a great encouragement.  Would you please pray with us about the possibility of coming to Africa some day if the Lord allows and may be do some ministry in this area. We will be so glad to have you minister in this nation as it greatly needs the Lord.

Pastor Gideon in Kenya

I’m a student at Liberty University as the result of my recent calling/career in church ministries.  I recently was a guest speaker at our men’s retreat for the FIRST time in my life.  I chose to use your sermon entitled, “The husbands sacred duty”.  I found it on my professor Dr. Elmer Town's web site.  My pastor and I were completely blown away!  Never have I spoken in public before.  The Holy Spirit did indeed take hold of me and lifted me up and guided me into the entire sermon.  I added my own personal tragic testimony of losing my wife to the Lord while she was giving birth and how I was given the responsibility of raising my three little children for years with out the help of family and friends.  I relied solely on the Lord. The men at the retreat left with an overwhelming amount of empathy and sacrificial, sanctifying, and securing love for their wives! 

     I have two years left until I graduate and not much time to lead the world to the LORD.


Richard in Virginia

Pastor, Thank you for your sacrifice in sharing your messages via the internet. I'm a Bi-vocational Pastor in Bowling green Ohio and time is of the essence. Thank you for your e-mails because many times I have used portions of your studies to develop messages for my church. Thank you, and may our Precious Savior continue to be the focus of the ministry that God Set your hands to! PS. Please know that I'm praying that God will send A Godly Man to you to serve as Youth Pastor. I served as a Youth Pastor for over 15 years and know it is difficult to find a discerning man. God Bless You!


Pastor Craig in Ohio

I really appreciate your messages because they help me a lot in preparing messages every week. Your messages are excellent.  I wish you can visit the Philippines and speak to our pastors here. We are very familiar with Pensacola since our background is like yours, conservative and fundamental. The kind of messages you have are the kind of messages we need here.  I need powerpoint slides because I can use them in my messages during our services.  May God continue to bless you as you powerfully preach the pure word of God.

Pastor Gil in the Philippines

Thanks for allowing use of your Powerpoints - I think this will help us tremendously here. I Am a Full Time Pastor of a small church.  Been Pastoring for about 28 years - needed to update myself to keep up with the times - Thanks!


Pastor Tony in Georgia

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  I am a new pastor of 2 months. While preparing a sermon which goes along with a series I am currently preaching, I ran across your message on bitterness. I always vowed not to take a sermon and print-and-preach. But your thoughts are right in line with my way of thinking and preaching. I just wanted to thank you for the message.


Pastor Mickey in Alabama

I want to share with you that I enjoy your website, and your messages. I often review them to get ideals, for my own messages. As I face the tasks this is so great help to me, that is serving God and his church. I appreciate, you for allowing Him to use you in the way that he does.

Pastor John--USA

I am not set up to use power point, but I want you to know that your sermons are a blessing to me and I use a lot of the information and facts you present to share with my church family. I serve a really small in number church family but you help me to help them.


Pastor Charlie in Mississippi

I have appreciated very much the service you have made possible to we fellow pastors. I am a bi-vocational pastor. Our ministry focuses very much on a verse by verse exposition of God's word. Your sermons and ministry have been a blessing to me and I use many of your sermon thoughts in my messages. I am truly grateful that God has led you to include this service in your ministry. May God bless you as we serve our Lord.

Pastor Ken-USA

Pastor Shirley, It has been a joy for me to review your site this morning. From the background music to the sermons to your video message, I can tell that God is at work in your midst. It is rare that a church family is able to take their message of God's love, their compassion, and their energy and transfer it to a web site! I have been blessed! Also, thank you for posting your sermons. As a pastor myself, I am greatly encouraged by listening to your creative spirit and your passionate heart. May God bless you in all that you do!


Pastor Al--USA

I am pastoring a small congregation. In one of my web browsings, I came across your web site and got interested in you messages. And I was blessed by your simple yet penetrating to the heart messages. At the end of your message, I saw that you are willing to help readers like me to extend for free your handouts and powerpoint materials. Thank you so much for your desire to help the Body of Christ.
Pastor Ruel in the Philippines

Just wanted to say that I came across some of your sermons on SermonCentral and that they are wonderful. I will be using a couple of your illustrations for my thanksgiving sermon.

Dr. Sunny in NY

I want to say thank you for your spirit of helpfulness to co-laborers in the ministry. I was bi-vocational, until May of this year, then left my secular job. Also, I appreciate your stand on the Word. AMEN!

Pastor John in Texas

I ran across your web-site while surfing for sermon resources and specifically, power point resources. You have a great site. Thanks for making so much of it free!

Pastor MJ in Illinois

I am bi-vocational and I got your address from a friend. He said that your material was very good and provided him with a well of information.  Thanks for being available to us who are working to increase the Kingdom of our God.

Pastor Jim, USA

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I thank God for your website. I am seeking powerpoint resources as I have added powerpoint to my ministry. In this age of information the technology tool has added a great medium of communication to our message.  Powerpoint is a great way for us to reach those who are visual learners. Your website has been a great blessing to my ministry. May God continue to shower your ministry with every blessing that He has in store for you.


Pastor Brown in Texas

Was looking at your PowerPoint. Very good and creative.  I have also been using PowerPoint in my sermons since 1998.  I am a Bi-vocational pastor and do not have time to put my sermons on the internet.


Pastor Gary in Kansas

May God Continue to bless you for your ministry on the internet!
I came across these notes through a friend who used your notes for a retreat we were working on.  Thank you for allowing us to use them, once again may God Bless you!

Clifton, USA

Thanks for your great website. I believe in expository preaching since people are hungering for the Word. Your illustrations add to my messages. I do interim work and preach on a Sunday by Sunday basis at various locations. I am also bi-vocational. I typed in "expository preaching" in my search engine and your website came up.


I thoroughly enjoy and eagerly look forward to your inspiring sermons each week. I thank God for your ministry to me.


Pastor Robert in Canada

These resources will be a huge help in my own preparation. As an associate with many responsibilities (including dad of 4 teens), when I preach my preparation time has been limited. This should be a tremendous help.


Pastor Dave - USA

Thanks for subscribing me. Your sermon ideas and PowerPoint presentations will be extremely helpful in my ministry.

Pastor Keith in Georgia

I used a message from your site and thought you might like to know there were many comments made about it. It was one of the hard sermons "Bondage To Bitterness". Thanks for you putting them out there. I appreciate it very much.

Pastor Ed, USA

More Testimonials from those who have ordered messages on CD.

I thank God for finding your web site. I'm always searching for creative ways to effectively the Word of God with God's people. I am in full-time vocational ministry and am serving as the Minister of Administration & Education. We're currently seeking a Senior Pastor. During this time (a year now), I have assumed pretty much all of the pastoral duties.  I look forward to using your material in preparation for each Sunday. I covet your prayers.  Thanks again for your ministry to God's people.

Pastor Luis in Florida

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Thanks for the message: Saying ’Grace’ and ’The Second Blessing’, what a good job you did on this one! I am so thankful for your willingness to share with us what God is doing through you. Thanks again,


Pastor Jim.

I FOUND A TOPIC AND MESSAGE THAT SPOKE TO ME..."7 People Our Church Could Not Do Without".  THIS SUNDAY I PRESENTED IT TO THE CONGREGATION ...(It was a little humbling) I don't think I have received so many good comments about a sermon as I did this Sunday.  One person said " I have never been rebuked, corrected, loved, and encouraged all at one time.  I also shared in the evening power point and message "When Buildings Fall and Water Rise".  I was attracted to your power point. A job of excellence.  I am a visual person.... I really enjoy messages with Power Point.  Your layout is very well done. I would possibly compare you with Billy Graham ... His outlines and messages are relevant, to the point, and anointed of God...Thank you for making them available to others like myself.

Pastor David in Canada

I stumbled across your website and just wanted to say thanks.  You all have openly made available so many resources that help people like me as we strive each week to spiritually feed our people.  This is not only a tremendous ministry but it's also a tremendous blessing as well.  Thank you and God bless you!
Pastor Ron

I am looking forward to the power points. I am bi-vocational and this will save me so much time.


Pastor Phil in NC

I am a Chaplain at Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot. You have not only blessed me by your moving messages, but also thousands of Marines that come through here each year!  Thanks for the many Blessings!


Bro. Thornton

Thanks for all your help in this high-tech world.


Pastor Don in Missouri

Thanks to God that He allowed me to view your site. I am so blessed by what I see.  I got some messages and some are use in my ministry. We will pray that our Lord will continue to bless your ministry.  You are an encourager to this 3rd world country.


Pastor Leonard in the Philippines

Am deployed nearby with the military (as a chaplain) during the week and preach on weekends, so your notes may help shorten my preparation time.

Pastor Kerry in Washington

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I was looking for some thoughts on Rev 21 and your link came up. I appreciate your help. I am interested in adding power point helps to my messages.  God bless you in every way.

Pastor Bob in South Carolina

I came across your web site and have been so blessed by the wonderful messages. I have used a few of the outlines and they have been so helpful with me in studying and preparing. Thank you for taking the time to share - my heart has been truly blessed.  May God continue to enlarge His territory through your ministry,

Pastor Tony in Georgia

Thank you for being so generous in sharing your worship materials.  I pray that your ministry will continue to grow and help many more.  Your PowerPoint presentations help us a lot in innovating our presentations here. Of course we also use your ideas and contextualize it on our setting here at the Philippines. I hope you will continue this ministry in sharing with others what you have.


Youth Pastor Jason in Philippines


Pastor Randy

Brother Jerry, Just a note to let you know that I have received my CD and it has already been a real Blessing.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your unselfish spirit in sharing with us Fellow Pastors. Thank you and God Bless.


Pastor Jack in Virginia

I am a pastor  in Sydney, Australia. I just signed up for your weekly emails after noticing one of your sermons @ sermon central where I sometimes look for ideas to simplify and alliterate my sermons. I was impressed by your gifting to do this well and was hoping if it would be ok for me to glean some of your ideas and points from time to time.


Pastor Lynton

I'm multi-vocational, interim preaching pastor in MD. Found you website while surfing.  Please send "Grace Notes."



I am an American Pastor in the Ukraine. I came across your site reading sermons at Sermon Central. Been here 11 years, we have two churches here and a small Bible college. Our graduates have planted churches in 4 other cities here in Ukraine and one in Russia. We can use 'everything', sermon notes, Powerpoint.  Most of all, your prayers. Thank you for your ministry. God bless.


Pastor in Ukraine

I am a Baptist pastor in Romania. I am 50 years old
without any training in computers. My church has bought a video projector and my desire is to learn to use Powerpoint presentations. Yours are a model for me. May God bless you in all your work for Him.


Pastor Dan in Romania

Thank you for your commitment to preaching the truth of the Word and willingness to share with the body of Christ.  God bless you.


Pastor William in Alabama

Pastor Jerry, I thank the Lord for His gift to you and for sharing with us also for His glory. May God continue to give you strength to handle this sacred responsibility.

Ben, USA

I learned of your web page from "Sermon Central" looking for Powerpoint masters for your message on "Four Keys To Effective Living".  We have a radio station, and I'm full time pastoring. I'm very interested in your power point messages. Thank you for sharing them.

Bud in California

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I am Pastor In a Baptist Church in Romania. I would like to tell you, that I appreciate very much your sermons every time I look for new sermons on your website. I am Pastor in 5 churches – 1 Romanian Church and 4 Gypsy Church and I am preaching 5 times a week. Your sermons are a great help for me.


Pastor Boruga

Thank-you for an excellent sermon from 1 Corinthians 5 on church discipline. With that heart and courage to obey God's word, you are an example to me.

Greg Nance

I found your site, because our church went to overhead projection at the end of 2004, for all of its hymns and worship. We have been asked to use Powerpoint sermons to make the full use of the system, so like a lots of preachers I have had to move with the times and seasons.  So I have been seeking out good backdrops for the slides, and Christian backgrounds. This is how I came across your site, seeking "free powerpoint sermons." I have enjoyed looking around and have a distant fellowship with you all at Grace Baptist Church.

Pastor David in Great Britain

I am a pastor of a little Church in England. I am always looking for ways to encourage our people both to Grow and to Go. The Power Point presentations will be a big help in meeting both those goals. I am looking forward to receiving the Grace Notes.

Pastor Bob in England

Thanks, Jerry for the message on "The New Jerusalem."  I have a Christian Website and select a "Sermon Of The Month" every few weeks. In my search, I feel God showed me your sermon for the next few weeks. That is a great message. God bless you. (Harold's Christian Web Page) See home page - half way down for LINK.


You have an awesome ministry and I appreciate you sharing with others.


Pastor Don, USA

Thanks you for the great helps that are found on your church site.

Pastor Danny, USA

By divine arrangement a couple of weeks ago, I got to your website and have been so inspired by your insightful messages and relevant issues that affect our generation. I believe that the best and only the best is good enough for God.  Thank you for your kindness to allow others to be blessed by these messages.  You have been a great inspiration. The structure, clarity and deep insight you give your messages indicate your waiting on the great Teacher Himself to speak through you. Please keep the fire burning.

Pastor Dave in Texas

Jerry I don't know where you get the inspiration for the messages you write but I feel the message titled,"Ten Ways America is under Attack" was one of the top ten messages I have heard or read in quite some time. Please continue to write and preach these messages. Thank you so much for doing the Lord's Work.


Pastor Matthew, USA

Thank you for the sermons.  "How not to Pray" was especially helpful this week since there is so much to pray about this month.


Russ and Diane, Missionaries to Brazil

Praise the Lord! It's great to see how the Lord is using your Grace Notes ministry. Keep it up!

Youth Pastor Joseph in North Carolina

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Thanks for all the good sermons.

Missionary Jack in Spain

Thanks a lot for your website & your efforts in support to us here in third world countries. You're a great help to the many brethren.

R.A. Escal in Philippines

I just wanted to let you and your church know how much I enjoy your sermon notes. I have put them to use for some great new fresh ideas. I especially liked the series on evolution. Not seeing the notes is like not getting my daily paper. Again, thank you for sharing your ministry with the rest of us.

Pastor John


Thank you for posting your sermons. They have been a real blessing to me!

I pastor a church in rural Mississippi. I enjoyed visiting your church's web site. Sounds like y'all are really doing a great work for God.. keep up the good work...and keep those sermons coming.

Pastor Reggie in Mississippi

Thank you for being a leading edge preacher and leading others to step out side the box and make their ministry relevant for the needs of the people today.

Pastor Lowell, USA

Greetings we send from India, we are excited to go thru your sermon, DAY OF PENTECOST, it encouraged us, it inspired us.

Missionary Paul in India

I am a Bi-Vocational Pastor in Elizabeth, CO...  As I was researching information on a Mother’s Day Sermon, I found your web site.  I feel the LORD has led me to your website for a reason.

Pastor Dave

One of my preacher friends sent me a copy of the things you send out.  It really looks good and would appreciate it if you would send me those things each week. Thank you for your hard work and especially your desire to share them with others.

Pastor Tracy

I am a bi-vocational pastor in Tennessee.  I enjoy sermons that will minister to me as though they were "my pastor" and I can in turn use them to assist in my feeding my flock.

Pastor Tom in Tennessee

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I really enjoy getting your sermons, (and the jokes) and I always read or listen to them. Your sermons were a real blessing to me this past fall after I had surgery and was unable to attend church for a couple of weeks. God uses his word through you at GBC to speak to my heart in my home.

Pam in Missouri

I am a Pastor in New South Wales Australia and I am particularly interested in your use of PowerPoint.

Every Blessing, Steve

I pastor in Illinois and really appreciate your website.  Keep up the good work.

Pastor Dale in Illinois

I really enjoy your site and it has been a blessing to me.

Pastor Don in Illinois

I  listen to your sermons and enjoy them very much. I appreciate the time and creativity you use in putting together the PowerPoint as well. Please continue to send me the links.

Shirley in Missouri

I found your "Sexuality, Immorality, and Purity" sermon online.  Great lesson…it’s helping me form mine for this Sunday!  God bless you!

Youth Pastor Sherman in Texas

I was doing some research this morning and came across your stuff - very cool!

Pastor Paul in California

I really receive a blessing from reading your sermons. Keep up the preaching!

Pastor Pete in Missouri

Wow, Jerry Shirley, you rock! I love your sermons. Many, many blessings to you and yours.

Pastor Ford - USA

I was impressed with how you had your sermons in Powerpoint on your web site. Thank you for your help.

Pastor Ron in New York

I just want to thank you for taking the time to place your sermon notes on this website. It has been a huge help to me as a new preacher sharing the word. I still must pray and seek God for his direction and will, but it is great to have these resources at my fingertips.


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I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your messages on the book of Acts! I'm currently preaching a series ... and I've used several of your main thoughts - excellent words! Keep up the great work.

God bless, Steve in South Carolina

I just wanted to write you and express my appreciation of your messages. They have been a blessing to me! I have been diagnosed with cancer, and there are weeks that I don't feel like researching, etc., for a sermon. I sometimes utilize portions of your messages, and sometimes I use quite a bit of your messages.

Pastor Jerry in Kansas

Greetings, your powerful sermon, "IT'S ABOUT TIME " inspired me & when I preached it to our village youth team the words touched them very awoke our team, more than 100 youths from hindu families, now born again.

In Christ-Elishba in India

I found your site thru  I appreciate your sermons.  I would enjoy receiving a newsletter.  I am the pastor of a small but growing church.  I have not found a resource for the Powerpoint backgrounds that I see in yours. Thank you.
Pastor Scott in Washington

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter "Grace Notes". I have been preaching for the past 25 years--some of that time was in Africa. It is enjoyable to find others who are teaching the truth of God's word and their lessons are not based on traditions.

Thanks again for your ministry.

 Pastor Roy

Just wanted to let you know that we are on dial-up & the sermon site works great. We were able to use the streaming audio without any problems.

We are looking forward to listening to some English sermons (Kristi is especially excited! J – She says that listening to preaching in Spanish still gives her a headache—too much concentration!).

Thanks for providing this extra ministry!

Missionaries Ray and Kristi in Costa Rica

Thank you for your desire to get out helpful ministry resources.

Evangelist Paul, USA

Thank you for making your work available....To God be the Glory!

Pastor Craig in Ohio

I appreciate you offering your sermon notes and Powerpoint presentation.  I am sure they will be a great resource for getting sermon ideas.

Pastor Steve, USA

Subscribe to "Grace Notes"

I had the chance to browse your site on the web and am so inspired. If you don't mind I want to receive your free grace notes for my personal devotion and teaching to my bible study class. Thanks a lot and I pray that God would bless you more!


This sounds like it'd be a great resource for the hundreds of pastors and ministry workers I'm with every year in my travels.  I wouldn't mind sharing it all over the country.

Evangelist Rob

I really enjoy seeing your messages and other items.

Pastor Keith in Missouri




Please include me in your mailing lists as I find your sermons helpful. Thanks. God bless you.

Pastor Jong

I want to let you know that I have been immensely blessed by your soul stirring and heart touching sermons.

Pastor Sam

I just came across your Web Page and I am very much impressed. I am going into my 35th year pastoring the same Church and you know I have to heavily research.  Thanks for the wonderful material that you have given to Ministers.

Pastor Johnny

Found your site and really appreciate your sermons! Please add me to your e-mail newsletter, "Grace Notes".

Pastor John in Michigan

My name is John and I live in Zambia. I pastor a church here and we are sending churches out regularly. Pray for Africa, we need leaders to rise up.  Please sign me up.


Lesa amipoli (God Bless)



Greetings! I have benefited spiritually from your sermons in the web site. Praise God for your good work.

Pastor James

I enjoy reading your sermon notes and would like to receive the Grace Notes newsletter.

Pastor James in Mississippi

I don't always have time to look at or listen to the sermons, but when I do, it helps to give me ideas.

Missionary Jim to Japan

Subscribe to "Grace Notes"

I would like to subscribe to your 'Grace Notes' which have been spiritually beneficial to me as a lay leader in the church.

Pastor James in Brunei

Thank you for all the work you have done on your Powerpoint for sermons...You are gifted!

Pastor Dick in Texas

I live in the Republic of Ireland and am an itinerant preacher. I trust this will allow you to add me to the list. Many thanks, Derek

Thanks, its a great site.  I really enjoyed spending a couple hours in it this morning.

Pastor Dennis in New Mexico

I am trying to develop a style using Powerpoint and I am interested in how you do it and what you put on your screens for the worshipers to see.

Pastor Dennis in Florida

I am part of a Word of Life leadership team and think it would be great to receive links to your weekly sermons and other ministry resources. Thank you for sharing.

Deanna in Alaska

Please sign me up for your weekly newsletter, I visit your site often but this will help me not to miss your messages. I help pastor a small church here in WV. It is growing and I just started teaching with Power Point on Sunday nights.

Pastor Dave

I have visited your church's website, and was impressed with the details of your ministry there.  I would like to sign up for the weekly newsletter, if possible.

Pastor Craig in Arkansas

Would appreciate receiving your weekly Grace Notes. Like your web site. Excellent work.

Pastor Chuck in Michigan

Thank you for the good sermon material provided through the internet.  Please add me to your sermon notes. Thanks.

Pastor Mike in Texas

Sure enjoyed your Look at Thanksgiving. Great research.

Pastor Bruce in Illinois

I am extremely encouraged by your site.  I appreciate the solid teaching I am finding in your sermons. Keep up the great work for our Great God.

Pastor Brian in Oklahoma

I am amazed that the things you do on the internet.  I think it is good. I am interested in your messages on Evolution. We have a class in Asia Baptist Bible College, my college, on Evolution and Creation.  You material will give us more information.

Missionary Boyd in the Philippines

We would love to share in your weekly sermons.  We are a church plant in South Africa.  Our main ministry focus is community outreach.  Thank you for being who you are.

George and Sharmaine

I just wanted to commend you for your boldness and commitment to the word of God in a society that is allowing too much of the world to creep into the church...may God bless your work.


Thank you for you the helpful resources.

Pastor Terry in Florida



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