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14 message exposition of Judges:

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"Saving America"



"Bringing America Back to God" - Judges 1 - 2
The parallels of America and Israel are staggering - both denied the Lord, defied the law, and defiled the land. Is God about to judge us like He did them?








"Disabled Nation" - Judges 1:1-7
America reminds me of these 70 kings in our text: Dethroned and Disabled, and reduced to settling for scraps which fall from above sparingly. And we used to sit feasting at the table of the KING of Kings.








"Short Changed" 

Judges 2:10-19
The 3 Rs of long term change:  Repentance, Relationship, Remembrance.  America is so forgetful, and like Israel in our text, judgment is in process.






"Espionage and Assassination" 

Judges 3
The first 3 judges were true heroes:  Othniel's uncle was the famous spy, Caleb.  Ehud was an assassin [Agent 002].  And Shamgar - "shamwow!"  These dramas really draw you in.




"The Wild Man" 

Genesis 16:11-12
Islam has come to America like never before. We are back to a 9/10 mentality and worse, for the wild man has found a home here and friends at the highest levels of government.





"They Fought From Heaven" - Judges 4-5
We wanted change and we are getting it. We reap what we sow. Sin leads to death, and nations are not exempt from this law.  You cannot fight against God and expect to win.





"Gideon's 300 - Just a Few Good Men" - Judges 6:1-7:21
God’s people are so ravaged by the Midianites that they are hiding in dens and caves. They cry out to God and God gives them...Gideon. 4 Principles from his life.





"Separation of Church and State is Not Biblical" Judges Series

The Bible teaches that spiritual government (Church) and political government (State) are two separate institutions, but they are to function in ways that are complimentary to each other.




"Parable of the Trees" -  Judges 9:8-15

 Here is the first parable in the Bible, and it is about America in these last days just as it was about Israel in those days. 3 steps in the decline of a nation.




"From Bad to Worse" -  Judges 9-10

Corrupt Leadership: America in her prosperity has been given much but done so little with it...and now it appears God may be taking the prosperity away.





"Jephthah for President" -  Judges 11

A statesman makes decisions based on what's best for the next generation...a politician makes decisions based on what's best for the next election. Jephthah had character in the face of difficulty, and courage in the face of danger.




"The High Cost of Low Living" - Samson:  He dishonored his parents, deserted his promise, distorted his purpose, defiled his purity, and deluded his power.





"Bring Back the Glory" - Judges 17-21
 "As the home goes, so goes the church, and as the church goes, so goes the nation." We need a revival!





"The Hoop of History" - Judges 18-21
The hoop of history is a picture of human nature, the sin nature, and sinful man's history repeats itself. Israel's history is America's present!


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