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Ichabod Sermon

Highlights of this special, outside the box Mother's Day sermon are below. 
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What Did Your Mother Do to You?

1 Sam 4:1-22


Can you imagine a mother naming her son Ichabod? Of course, this name is from the Hebrew language. It is made by taking the word for Glory (H KAHVOHD) and placing a negation in front of it. Literally Ichabod means the glory of the Lord is gone or departed. Why did this lady think the glory of the Lord was gone?  We'll see today. 


But first, what did your mother do to you?

Sometimes, though rarely, people don't have fond memories of mother because of some circumstances that surrounded their upbringing perhaps.  But of those, they still should honor and appreciate their mother if for no other reason, because they gave birth to them.  [SNL skit:  'Word goin' out to my momma ya know, 'cuz she HAAAAD me!']

Most of us have very fond and dear memories of our mother, her caring sacrifice, her unconditional, undying devotion.  And she's still the one person we can talk to as long as we have her.  However, of those of us who have those fond memories, we all have our stories of 'what did your mother do to you?'!  From my plaid pants that got me beat up on the playground to the day she bought me a set of dishes and wanted to have 'high tea' [dad put a quick stop to that!], I have quite a few memories that make me ask, 'what were you thinking?'!  And I'm sure many of you have wondered about me, and what my momma did to me!

What did your momma do to you?  Any stories to share?  Raise your hand if you have some similar memories...

This is an 'outside the box' kind of Mother's Day sermon because it not only honors moms like we want to do on this day, but it speaks of Father God and Israel, and we can apply some great truths to mothering in America today, which is one of the greatest challenges of all of human history.


Six Reasons This Mother Chose the Name Ichabod:

I.    Because God's people were l               b                 

As long as they were o                 , they won victories over the enemy.


II.    Because the People were making decisions without seeking God's g                     .  

When we are most aware of God's p                  we will seek His guidance.


III.    Because the People m                  the Holy Things of God. 

We can not a             the things of God without receiving God's judgment.


IV.    Because s             men were overseeing the work of God.  

God's presence wasn't t            desired.


V.    Because the enemy no longer r                      God or His People. 

You can't fight t               battles on y                  victories.


VI.   Because she saw the j                       of God fall.

[part of outline from sermon by James McCullen]


This sermon comes, complete with PowerPoint Template and handout, as a free gift this week when you download the hot new Romans Series just released. 

Get it now  See text and RECOMMEND at SermonCentral

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