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Most Messages are in audio format, as well as PowerPoint visual and text formats.  The technology is state of the art and will work for all users on virtually any PC.  You don't need an audio player or Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

About the Audio: 

We use an instant "flash" audio player.  It will "stream" on any PC, even on dial-up, after only 1-3 seconds.  Just double-click the play button on the "VCR-like" controls on each sermon page. If you get errors when trying to play the sermons you may need MacroMedia's Flash Player, available here... ...but most PC's already have this.

We encourage listening to sermons you plan to use because often there is a lot of extra illustrations and other "Spirit-led" content not found in the text version.  You can continue to surf the rest of the website or other sites, check email, etc., while audio is playing...but that sermon's browser window must remain open.  Open a new browser window or tab to continue surfing while you listen.

About the Video:

All AM sermons from April, 2007 forward now have video.  We now have a 2 camera switched setup with direct audio and the PowerPoint slides are inserted right on the video screen as they are called for during the message.  Enjoy!

About the PowerPoint Visuals: 

[Sermons with no PowerPoint link still have a PowerPoint Template Title Slide atop the page that you are free to copy and use.  Plus, an editable PowerPoint version of the title slide comes with sermons we offer on CD ROM or by Instant Download...there you can change the title wording, etc.]

Clicking the PowerPoint slideshow link on any sermon page will open up a PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation that can run in a separate browser window while you are listening to the audio. Use the arrows to advance to the next slide as the sermon indicates. Most slideshows contain the verses referenced during the sermon as well as many other helpful visual aides. After clicking the slideshow link the new browser window which opens will be blank until completely downloaded...this can take up to a minute or two on high speed, and can take up to 5 minutes, sometimes longer on slow connections.  [But patience will pay off!]  These come with permission for you to save them and use in public services, but may not be retransmitted in any other form.  You can save them by clicking on "File", then "Save"...or they can be edited and saved by clicking on "Edit" then "Edit Slides", then saving them.  Please note:  Many slides are labeled in the "Notes" section which is just below the slides in PowerPoint.  Most of the notes are keywords which indicate when the person running the slideshow should advance to that slide.  "Notes" print out by "sending" the slideshow to Microsoft Word

Where do the slides come from? 

I design a majority of my slides w/ some special programs like Adobe, Paint, and PowerPoint itself...but some pictures I find at the Google Images site.  There's also a few that are 'shareware' and given away freely by, which is aware that we pass some of them along as well, recommending their website as they do ours.

Download the latest PowerPoint viewer here if your version of PowerPoint is older than 2003 [in order to see all effects the way they are designed].

*If you have trouble converting and saving our PowerPoints, be aware that you can get them along with the MS Word text on a CD ROM or easily and quickly using our new Instant Download feature.  No converting, no cutting and pasting, just right there organized in folders and ready to edit and use.

About the Text:

All sermons are in a "formatted text" version, outlined, highlighted, and full of emphasis right off the page.  They can easily be copied and pasted directly back into Microsoft Word or any other text processing programs. 

Your best bet is to get our sermons the easy way...already formatted in Word and PowerPoint with no cutting/pasting, reformatting, and no hassles.  They can be purchased on CD ROM or thru our INSTANT DOWNLOAD feature.

Handouts are included with some sermons beginning in 2005, and many more come when you purchase them on one of our CD-ROMs.  The blanks correspond to the highlighted/underlined words in the main text.

About the Search Engine:

Clearly the best way to easily find our sermons is by ordering the CD ROM or INSTANTLY DOWNLOADING them...they are HIGHLY ORGANIZED in file folders that make finding what you want quick and easy.

Alternatively, the Google local search feature atop all major sermon sections will help you find what you're looking for on this sermon site.
  Here's some tips for using it:

                    ie:  "communion" - "fasting" - "Acts 4" - etc. 

About getting free stuff:

7 Ways to Get Free Sermons

As new series are released, free subscribers get the option of downloading the entire series, organized in folders, for just a small delivery charge, and skip completely the $50 price paid by others on the website!  More info.

All users:  This is a free service...All we ask is that you please vote for any sermons you vote from the link provided on each sermon's page...this will help keep it free and will encourage many others to check them out too.  Thanks for helping us spread the Word!

All Sermons and PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations ©Copyright Jerry Shirley and Grace Notes Ministries® unless otherwise credited.  These resources are yours to use freely, but only in public worship services or private study groups and devotions.  They may not be sold, republished or retransmitted in any form without written permission.