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Sanctity Of Human Life Sermons

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This is a huge year for the Christian Right to Life Movement.  Please feel free to use anything here that can be a help to you!


[P.S.--Somebody who doesn't like our efforts in this area is voting against these sermons.  If ever you take the few seconds required to vote for sermons, please do it now, and help get this important message out!  Just follow the instructions at each sermon's page.  Thank you!]

"Born Identity" New! 


"BIG Numbers - little ones" - Jeremiah 1:5

Staggering numbers of dead coming out of Haiti, but here’s a more paralyzing number: 50 MILLION!

That’s a really big number, and they are ALL little ones!


Abortion Sermons"The Sentence:  33 Years to Life" - 2006 Sermon from Jeremiah 33:3
     May Roe V. Wade die at the same age as our Savior did, and may the miracle of new life follow just the same!


Abortion Sermons"God Love 'em" - Jeremiah 1:5
Sanctity of Life Sunday-- A focus on several groups God loves today, inc. the unborn.



Cloning - Stem Cells"Killing Me Softly" - Genesis 2:7
Sanctity of Life Sunday-- Q & A on stem cells, cloning, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide.




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"PRO-CHOICE IS NO CHOICE" - Ps. 139 - The choices God would have us to make.



"Proof of Life" - 34 Years Of Lies from the abortion crowd now confounded.




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