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December 19th, 2004

[This sermon only available in the Timely Sermons Series or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


December 12th, 2004
     AM - "Gift Wrapped" - HOW GOD WRAPPED His greatest gift, HOW MARY WRAPPED the gift, HOW SATAN WRAPS the gift, and HOW THE HOLY SPIRIT UNWRAPS it.

        This and other Christmas Sermons in Timely Sermons section.


December 5th, 2004
     AM - "A "Wonderful" Christmas Message" - The CRADLE, The CROSS, and The CROWN...and practical looks at Jesus’ Wonderful HEART, HANDS, EYES, EARS, BOOK, SPIRIT, AND HOME.

[This sermon only available in the Timely Sermons Series or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here

    PM - "Morality, Values and the Christian Response" - by Dr. Alan Keyes

[Includes downloadable mp3]



November 28th, 2004
     AM - "Thanksgiving: 3 Ways to Look at It" - An Upward Look, An Outward Look, An Inward Look, Should All Make Us Thankful.

[This sermon only available in the Timely Sermons Series or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


    PM - "Internal Combustion" - Special service using a running illustration for "motorheads". About being "on fire" for God.


        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


November 21st, 2004
     AM - "The Mysteries of Providence and the Majesty of Peace" - Acts 12 reveals "3 Mysteries" of God's Providence and even more about His Peace.



November 14th, 2004
     AM - "You Bunch of Christians" - The people of Antioch meant it as a derogatory term, but we can wear it as a badge of honor!





    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 7 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs" - De-bunking false "dating" methods and the conclusion to our study on the "Young Earth".




November 10th, 2004
     AM - "Four Keys to Effective Living" - Why was God able to use Moses in such a significant way? Because Moses settled four basic questions of life:  Who Am I?  Where Did I Come From?  Why Am I Here?  Where Am I Going?

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 6 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs" - The two primary witnesses to the age of the earth being a relatively young age.




November 3rd, 2004
      "Would God Vote for You?" - The election is over…but will we respond correctly now?

       [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

"How to Vote" - Proverbs 29:2
God doesn’t tell us WHO to vote for, but He does tell us HOW to vote, and He’s not afraid of losing His ’tax exempt status!’




October 24th, 2004
    AM - "God Loves You, That's What They Say" - Listen to the voices! God says, I love your soul, the cross says, I lean toward sinners, Jesus says, I long to save, the Spirit says, I’ll live inside, the Bible says I can literally be a son!

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 5 - Dates, Deluge and Dinosaurs." - The three questions that are most often asked of creationists:
(1) The question of THE AGE OF THE EARTH.
(2) The question of A GLOBAL FLOOD
(3) The question of DINOSAURS



October 17th, 2004
    AM - "The Bonds of Bitterness" - Has someone ever said or done something to you for which you found it difficult to forgive them?



    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 4 - Conclusion of A Fairy Tale for Adults" - Some evolutionists have even been so hard pressed to find evidence to support their predisposed bias and belief system, that they have been perfectly willing to actually fabricate false evidence to prove their already existing conclusions.



September 26th, 2004
    AM - "The Salvation of the Gentiles," Pt. 2 " The Soul-Winning Servant" - In Peter’s case, God had to do a radical spiritual surgery on his heart.



    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 3 - A Fairy Tale for Adults" - We Can Reject Evolution for Moral has produced racism, nazism, communism ,humanism, and a sexual revolution that encourages the morals of barnyard animals.



September 19th, 2004
    AM - "The Salvation of the Gentiles," Pt. 1 "The Searching Soldier" - A searching Gentile soldier [Cornelius], a soul-winning gospel servant [Peter], and a surprising Gentile salvation.



    PM - "Devilution, Pt. 2 - A Fairy Tale for Adults" - “Did God create man, or did man create God?” “Is man created in the image of God, or is God created in the imagination of man?” Here's ammunition you need to take on the Philosophy of Evolution!



September 12th, 2004
    AM - "A Church With a Heart - A heart for humans, a heart for the hurting, and a heart for heaven.



    PM - "Devilution - The Question of First Cause" - The Genesis Space’s crash is symbolic of the crash the theory of Evolution encounters when it drives by the intersection of the Bible, God’s Word!



September 5th, 2004
    AM - "Back to School for Saul" - After his conversion, Saul was sent by God to 3 schools in order to become the Apostle Paul: ARABIA--SCHOOL OF SOLITUDE, DAMASCUS--SCHOOL OF SUFFERING, JERUSALEM--SCHOOL OF SEASONING.


    PM - "Back to School for the Family" - 10 Commandments for the Christian family going back to school.

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

August 29th, 2004
    AM - "Where Do We Turn?" - Even Christians, if honest and transparent, will be surprised at how often they turn to Cynicism, Escapism, and forms of Humanism, rather than turning to the Lord in times of need!

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


    PM - "How to Avoid a Pity Party" - The Prodigal Son's Big Brother:

What he did have was so much more than what he did not have, but by dwelling on the negatives he spoiled what he did have.

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


August 15th, 2004
    AM - "The Conversion of Saul Pt. 2" - as we study about Paul we study the soul-saving power of the true gospel of Christ, who enables each of us to see the light!



    PM - "I Was Afraid This Would Happen" - Investigate your fears, both the ones God is not the Author of as well as those healthy fears He wants you take upon yourself.


        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here


August 8th, 2004
    AM - "The Conversion of Saul" -as we study about Paul we study the soul-saving power of the true gospel of Christ, who enables each of us to see the light!



    PM - "Dealing with Disappointment in Ministry" - the life of Moses, particularly in Exodus 15 and the story of the bitter waters at Marah, gives us three facts of life that we need to be prepared for in order to deal with disappointment.


        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

August 1st, 2004
    AM - "10 Things God Doesn't Know" - One of the attributes or characteristics of God is omniscience, He is all knowing. God knows everything.  But He chooses not to know these 10 things.

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

    PM - "About Your Waiter..." - Sometimes, we may feel like we are accomplishing nothing. But if we wait on the Lord we will reap one day, and then we will see things we would not have seen had we given up too soon!


        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

July 18th, 2004 - "Chasing the Chariot: The Hitchhiker and the Banker" - Philip the Evangelist witnesses to the Ethiopian eunuch. Witnessing wherever you are.




July 11th, 2004
    AM - "Counterfeit Christianity" -  A good exposition not only of the fakes in some of the pews, but of sorcery and the occult so prominent today. SIMON’S PRETENSION, PROFESSION, PRESUMPTION.



    PM - "Crossing Over the Line" - Expose on occult including Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. The Bible has a lot more to say about these things than most people realize!




July 4th, 2004 - "The Greatness, The God, The Guilt of America" - Optimistic but realistic Biblical presentation of the facts, w/ many quotes from early church fathers all the way to George W. Bush. Motivational challenge to all who believe in God and still believe in America!



June 27th, 2004 - "City-Wide Revival" - It can happen again, and here’s the ingredients to fire our people up again! Outline: The Man, The Message, The Miracles.






June 13th, 2004 - "The Stoning of Stephen" - Acts Series: 28th Sermon-- Stephen’s ministry was a like a meteor flying thru the night sky…very brief, but brilliant and bright, powerful and spectacular!

June 6th, 2004 - "I'll Fly Away" - Awesome pictorial PowerPoint accents this message.  In these verses written by David, he is being oppressed by his enemies. He is tired of persecution and wickedness all around him. Thus, in his prayer to God, he says “I wish I could fly away to a place of rest and get away from it all.”

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