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1. "Creation" - Gen. 1-2
First in new series "The Bible in 20 Cs" - a chronological overview of the Scriptures.  This message details the 6 days of Creation and refutes evolution.  Great visuals!



2. "Corruption" - Genesis 3:1-3:24
The honeymoon comes to a screeching halt in the garden of Eden in this chapter. A man, a woman, & a snake in the grass.

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3. "Cataclysm" - Genesis 6:1-9:29
Several of the most controversial and critical questions of our existence are answered in the Noah story. Great visuals help illustrate!


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4. "Confusion" - Genesis 11:1-9
Babel means ‘confusion.’ It’s where we get the word ‘babble.’ And man w/out God is confused, and only God can help man ’rise up’ and make sense of things.


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5. "Call" - Genesis 12
Abraham was called of God.  And so are you!  3 things happen when God calls you, and they are discussed here, along with some basic requirements for it to work out.


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6. - 8.  "Castaways, Camp, Conquest" - Exodus - Joshua
Abram’s great grandkids have issues. Bird's eye view of the Castaways in Egypt, Camping in the wilderness, and the Conquest of Canaan, with a focus on what we can learn from Israel for our lives today.

9. "Crown" - I Samuel - I Chronicles
Dynamically interesting content!  Summary of the period of the kings, w/ a special contrast of Saul, David, and Solomon.  Wonderful visuals enhance a very helpful outline.

2 Parts now complete!

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10. "Captivity" - 1 Kings 12
Amazing similarities exist between Israel and America - from their founding to civil war to sinful rejection of the 70 year captivity!



11. "Construction" - Ezra / Nehemiah
Anytime the people of God say let us rise up and build the devil and his forces rise up in opposition. Rebuilding Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Walls, and the coming reunification of Israel.


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12. "Christmas:  The New Easter" - Luke 2
Christmas is the new Easter! We should celebrate it in the springtime, for the birth of Christ was only necessary to bring about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  He was born to die that we might live!



13. "Cross" - Matthew 26:1-26:75
Jesus exposed the darkness in the hearts of men, but rather than stepping into the
light, they decided to snuff out the Light. Summary of the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life w/ focus on 7 sayings on the cross.



14. "Church" - Ephesians 3:1-5
What is the purpose of the church? It’s 3 fold: • To magnify the Lord thru worship and the Word. • To move believers to maturity and ministry. • To make Jesus known to our neighbors and the nations.

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 Deals w/ the 7 dispensations, and focuses on the church age ... which can be broken down into 7 periods as well here...

'Rabbit Trail' sub series...

7 Churches of Asia Minor PowerPoint Sermons Series Patmos John

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The 7 Churches of Asia Minor in flexible 1 or 2 part messages, reworked and improved w/ DYNAMIC POWERPOINTS added.

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15. "Caught Away!" - Revelation 4:1-11

We must make sure we are "Rapture-Ready." In Rev. 4:1 the church goes "off the air" because the church goes "IN the air!"


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16. "Chastisement" - Revelation 16:1-21
4 horsemen ride - 7 trumpets sound - 3 woes are heard - 7 Vile Vials of Judgment fall on the earth during the Great Tribulation. God's wrath, judgment, love, and salvation plan.



[2 parts]


17. "Coming" - Revelation 19
ARMAGEDDON!  The BIGGEST battle of all time will also be the quickest! Jesus is coming back VISIBLY, VICTORIOUSLY, & w/ a VENGEANCE.



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18. "Coronation" - Revelation 20

Ever wonder what it would’ve been like to have lived in the garden of Eden?  Before sin?  That time is coming in the Millennium, before we enter the “eternal state”.





19. "Condemnation" - Rev. 20:11-15

A tour thru hell.  The Courtroom, the Judge, the Accused, the Evidence, the Defense, the Verdict, the Sentence. 


[stunning visual aides]



20. "Consummation" - Rev. 21 - 22

10 R's give us a walkthru of Heaven.  Human history began in paradise…the Garden of Eden.  And it will all end in paradise…the New Jerusalem.


[stunning visual aides]




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