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These are "completed series" only...series still underway are available by date in the most recent year.

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The Church:

"What Makes A Church Great?"    "The Devil in the Church"

"We Need Some Troublemakers"


[Included in the "Complete Collection"]


Money/Time Management:

"A 'Trust' Fund"- The first 10%    "Where Are The Ninety?" - The other 90%

    "It's About Time"     "It's About Time, part 2"


[Included in the "Complete Collection"]


Evolution Series:

"Devilution - The Question of First Cause"    "Devilution, Pt. 2 - A Fairy Tale for Adults"    "Devilution, Pt. 3 - A Fairy Tale for Adults"    "Devilution, Pt. 4 - Conclusion of A Fairy Tale for Adults"    "Devilution, Pt. 5 - Dates, Deluge and Dinosaurs."    "Devilution, Pt. 6 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs"    "Devilution, Pt. 7 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs"    "Devilution, Pt. 8 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs"    "Devilution, Pt. 9 - Dates, Deluge & Dinosaurs"


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