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12/21/08 - "A 'Wonderful' Christmas Message" - The CRADLE, The CROSS, and The CROWN...and practical looks at Jesus’ Wonderful HEART, HANDS, EYES, EARS, BOOK, SPIRIT, AND HOME.




12/17/08 - "Christ in the City" - Joshua 20:1-9
We find Jesus throughout the OT, and today we find him in 6 special towns -- The Purpose, the Prophecy, and the Proximity of the Cities of Refuge.



12/14/08 - Christmas Communion:  "From the Stable to the Table" - Luke 22:7-10
"A Christmas Carol" style look at the Past, Present, and Future--remembering the birth, the life, the death, and then the ’breath’ of the Risen Christ!



12/7/08 - "Reaching Your Full Potential" - Joshua 17

There are 3 people sitting in your seat right now. [not a fat joke!]  There’s the person you are today.  Then there’s the person you could be for evil.  And there is the complete person you could be for God. 






PM - "Conquest & Commitment" - Joshua 1-24

The land has now been conquered, for the most part, and tho’ we’re not quite done gleaning some great things from the last few chapters of Joshua, it’s a good time to stop and review what we’ve studied, and see the big picture.






11/23/08 - "Mountain Shopping" - Joshua 14

A study of Joshua the man is not complete without looking at his friend Caleb. 40 years earlier they were young men, and 2 of the 12 spies sent to check out the land of Canaan. Now comes their reward.






PM - "Finish the Job" - Joshua 11

Ours is the responsibility of completing the conquest. The principle of follow through is important in business, in sports and in spiritual endeavors. It’s important in war as well.






11/16/08 - "Consider the Heavens" - Psalm 8:3

A breathtaking pictorial tour of the universe that will convince atheists and encourage believers. From the first heaven [our atmosphere] to the second heaven [the cosmos] to the third heaven of God!






PM - "Make Your Bed" - Joshua 9

Deception of the Gibeonites / Christian Decision-making -- If you’ve already made your bed, you’ll have to sleep in it and trust God’s grace to get you thru the night.  But most of our days are still ahead.






11/12/08 - "Light on the Word" - 2 Timothy 3:16

An exaltation of the preserved Word of God, our preferences regarding it as a church, and how to let it shine brightly and not watered down.



11/9/08 - "The Valley of Decision" - Joshua 8:1-35
1.) God forgives sin. 2.) God judges sin. 3.) He allows us to choose: Pardon or Punishment - God gave both Jericho and Ai to Israel, but He did it in very different ways.

        2 parts, AM & PM


11/5/08 - "When Things Go Wrong" - Matthew 11:2-6

Although we know we can have joy in trials and God works all together for good…sometimes we don’t see it. Some days faith wanes, and we wonder where God is.



11/2/08 - "Prescription for an Achan Nation" - Joshua 7
It’s not the Jerichos that defeat most’s the Ais. What Christian America must do to keep from following the path Israel took in our text.



Philippians 4:1910/29/08 - "My God Shall Supply" - Philippians 4:10-19
The SOURCE of the supply, the SCOPE of the supply, and the STANDARD of the supply. "The Check is in the Mail!"



10/26/08 - "Let the Walls Come Down" - Joshua 5:13-6:27
From a human perspective it was an unconquerable city. Improbable? No, impossible! Impregnable. And each of us have a walled city in our lives.



10/22/08 - "Rahab's Rehab" - Joshua 2:1-21
From call girl to convert-This was much more than a rehabilitation. She wasn’t reformed or conformed-she was transformed! An added benefit: she became part of the line of Christ-a Greeeaaat G’ma of the Messiah!



10/19/08 - "Crossing Jordan" - Joshua 3:1-17
Step into the water, observe a miracle, and enter the land of milk and honey. This was a huge victory, but they had many more victories to win.

        2 parts, AM & PM


10/12/08 - "Claiming Our Canaan" - Joshua 1:1-13
Most said, we have absolutely no chance of possessing this Promised Land. But where they saw only giants, the ’minority report’ of Joshua and Caleb saw God!

        2 parts, AM & PM


"Missions Conference"
India, Uganda, Guatemala, & the West Indies - Each of these nations sent us one of their best, most highly recommended missionary families for a very special week captured here along w/ bios and contact info. for pastors.



10/1/08 - "The Glory Cloud" - Exodus 40:33-38
This was the shekinah glory of God, which led the children of Israel across the Red Sea, and thru the wilderness. And now it descends on the Tabernacle, just above the mercy seat.



9/28/08 - "Beyond the Veil: The Ark" - Exodus 25:10-11
We are ready to enter the Holy of Holies. But wait, for the Bible indicates we face certain death unless we are the High Priest, on that one day of the year. And look what’s inside!



PM - "Beyond the Veil: The Mercy Seat" - Exodus 25:17-22
Capping off the Ark of the Covenant is a solid slab of gold with cherubim, of inestimable value. Even more beautiful than its artistry is what happens upon it.



9/21/08 - "The Golden Candlestick" - Exodus 25:31-40
God is Light - Bright and shining symbolism! - The Formation, the Fuel, & the Flame - First we must SEE the Light, then we must BE the Light!



PM - "Altar of Incense" - Exodus 30:1-10
How do you smell to God? This altar inside the Tabernacle proper is beautifully contrasted to the brazen altar out in the courtyard. The symbolic aromas in the air cannot be ignored.



9/14/08 - "The Brazen Laver" - Exodus 30:17-21
Its mystery unfolded, its ministry unending ... the Water & the Word [inspiration, preservation, application]. The Laver gushes forth w/ sanctifying truths.



PM - "Table of Shewbread" - Exodus 25:23-30
We see His perfect life in it, as well as His painful death, His precious resurrection, and His provision of salvation, security, and satisfaction for all who will believe.



9/7/08 - "That I May Dwell Among Them" - Exodus 25:1-8
The Tabernacle is a wonderful picture book, full of object lessons...a graphic, vivid experience of God’s presence with man! The MEANS, the MATERIALS, the MEN, and the MEETING.



PM - "The Brazen Altar" - Exodus 27:1-8
Beautiful, compelling symbolism burns brightly from this God-designed furnishing of the Tabernacle, as well as the utensils and other articles with it.



8/31/08 - "The Shining - From Guilt to Grace to Glory" - Exodus 33:1-34:35
1. Fellowship Removed 2.Fellowship Restored 3. Glory Revealed! A lesson about God’s absence, His presence, and how our faces can shine like Moses’!



PM - "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" - Romans 13:8-10
The commandments, the covenants, all the law and prophets are summed up in this simple, yet far reaching charge.  Easy to say...hard at times to do!



8/27/08 - "How To Vote" - Proverbs 29:2
God doesn’t tell us WHO to vote for, but He does tell us HOW to vote, and He’s not afraid of losing His ’tax exempt status!’

    Special election message


8/24/08 - "Grasping For More" - Exodus 20:17
The SIN of covetousness, The SOURCE of covetousness, The SORROW of covetousness...and the cure!

        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here



PM - "The Day Moses Broke All 10 Commandments" -  Exodus 32
Aaron: ‘We melted gold...and there came out this calf.’ That’s got to be the all time lamest excuse from an assistant Pastor! Before Moses even returned with the commandments the people were breaking them.



8/17/08 - "The Lying Tongue" -  Exodus 20:16
Let me be HONEST with you:  Here’s 3 Truths about Lying, inc. 7 ways we lie, often w/out even thinking about it. Also: How to OVERCOME it!



    PM - "10 Things God Doesn't Know" - One of the attributes or characteristics of God is omniscience, He is all knowing. God knows everything.  But He chooses not to know these 10 things.




8/10/08 - "Go For The Gold!" -  1 Cor. 9:24-27; Heb. 12:1
Each time we pillowed our heads for 2 weeks the Olympics in Beijing were be going strong. And some Christians only want to rest in Christ, and never get up and run the race.



8/6/08 - "It Takes a Thief" -  Exodus 20:15
Not only SIMPLE STEALING, but 5 other types of SOPHISTICATED STEALING, as well as the truth about SPIRITUAL STEALING.



8/3/08 - "Consenting Adultery" -  Exodus 20:14
Don’t just roll over on this one and say w/ the masses, “Just be safe.” Or, “If you can’t be good, then be careful!” There is no sex safer than sex within God’s plan, marriage!



7/27/08 - "Four Little Words" -  Exodus 20:13
’Thou shalt not kill’ - What it does and does not mean, with info. on INTENTIONAL killing [homicide, suicide, infanticide], INDIRECT killing, and INWARD killing.



7/23/08 - "It Comes with a Promise" -  Exodus 20:12
Famous line spoken to Indiana Jones: "You listen to me, you live longer!" What a measure of truth is there, and in the 5th commandment to honor our parents.



7/20/08 - "Holy Day or Holiday?" -  Exodus 20:8-11
Understanding the principles of WORK and WORSHIP, and the comparison of the OT Sabbath and the NT Lord’s Day, and reasons to be faithful!



7/16/08 - "Take the Name, but NOT in Vain" -  Exodus 20:7
This message has a lot of foul language in it, but a lot more helpful principles to aid our vulgar generation. Lifting high the NAMEs of our God!



7/13/08 - "Jehovah - the One and Only" -  Exodus 20:2-3
1. The Proclamation 2. The Prohibition 3. The Plea. God’s first commandment must be received Submissively, Sincerely, and Scripturally.



PM - "How Big is Your God?" -  Exodus 20:4-6
We must not only worship the right God, but we must worship Him in the right way. Accept no substitutes. Don’t try to reduce God to a material object. Don’t try to localize the One Who is infinite! [running illustration-Roman Catholicism]



7/9/08 - "Smoky Mountain" -  Exodus 19
Could Mt. Sinai have been discovered in Arabia?  Check out these pics!  Either way, what God did on the mountain was powerful, and what He said to those below prior to giving the commandments can help us more today than it did them.



7/6/08 - "Laying Down the Law" -  Exodus 20:1-17
What would happen if we got back to the basics and tried to live by the 10 Commandments? Oh, the revival that would sweep our nation, our churches, and each of our hearts!



7/2/08 - "Witnessing and Wisdom in the Wilderness" -  Exodus 18:1-27
Moses shares w/ his father in law Jethro, who shares right back. Principles of priority, personnel, planning, and pride are shared.



6/29/08 - "Water and War in the Wilderness" -  Exodus 17:1-16
The once smitten ROCK at Horeb & the ROD of God in Moses' hands held high at Amalek. Hollyweird, CA can’t touch this kind of drama!



6/25/08 - "Manna Live!" -  Exodus 16:1-31
What is it? The symbolism of Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. It’s how we live. Man alive! Many practical applications to daily Christian living.



6/22/08 - "Storm-ology" - Mark 4

A classic 3 point outline about the storms of life we all encounter, and a challenge for the lost to get saved and get Jesus 'in the boat' with them.


Dr Herb Hubbard, guest speaker, got his start as the youth pastor of GBC in the early 70s and since has become a nationally known leader of pastors, and he leads a very successful church himself. We are honored to have him back with us today!




6/22/08 - "Dealing with Disappointment in Ministry" - Exodus 15:22-27

Moses, Israel, and the bitter waters at Marah, give us three facts of life that we need to be prepared for in order to deal well with disappointment.


        [This sermon only available in the ''Complete Collection'.]  Click here

6/15/08 - "Back Against the Wall" -  Exodus 14:5-31
Red Sea Crossing--Moses was a great leader and a great model for all of us today. For those who insist on believing salvation is the end to problems--it’s the FRONT end! But God makes a way.



PM - "The Song of Moses" -  Exodus 15:1-19
It’s the first song on record [not cd!]. And it’s a song of salvation. Moses leads and all Israel echoes. Israel moves from PANIC to PRAISE!



6/11/08 - "Seeing Double" -  Exodus 12:1-15
If symbolism is gold, then Ex. 12 is ‘Fort Knox!’ A passage rich in practical truths to enhance Christian living.




6/8/08 - "We Love Our Church!" -  Ephesians 5:25
I Love My Church! But why? Because: It’s UNIQUE, UNITED, UNCOMMON, UNSELFISH & UNSATISFIED...We love the church because of its FOUNDER, its FOUNDATION, its FUNCTION, & its FUTURE!



PM - "Are you serious?" -  Lamentations 3:51
Yes, it's true!  I'm actually wanting to share some of our vacation experiences with you.  Not the boring stuff like "Here's me at the world's largest ball of string!"  Rather, some exciting ministries we touched base with.



5/25/08 - "Give 'Em Back to God" -  Genesis 22:1-13
Baby Dedication Sunday, 2008 - Includes video of entire service, balloon parade, special music, and baby pics of many adults in the church.



PM - "Though I Be Absent" -  Colossians 2:5
Pre-Vacation Message - Paul shows the church how to follow God and not man. We should see a summer surge, not a summer slump. No more, "When the cat’s away the mice will play!"



5/21/08 - "Are You Wiser Than a 5th Grader?" -  James 3:13-17
Here's something we ALL need! Wisdom is the one thing you can sincerely ask God for and His answer is always yes! THE PRIORITY, PRODUCT, AND POWER OF WISDOM.



5/18/08 - "The Blood Made the Difference" -  Exodus 11:4-7
There is a and fatal are its attributes, but there is an available PROTECTION. Passover and the blood of the Lamb!

    [follow up to 'War of the Gods', below]


PM - "Pharaoh, Pharaoh" -  Exodus 8:1-10:29
It’s Satan’s old, deceptive trickery: Mingling truth with error...meeting us halfway...desiring that we be compromisers!



5/14/08 - "War of the Gods" -  Exodus 5:1-2
10 PLAGUES and the SIGNIFICANCE of each. This showdown is not just between Moses & Pharaoh, but between Jehovah God and the gods of Egypt.



5/11/08 - "7 Ways to Love Your Mother" -  John 19:26-27
One of our all time most downloaded message to date...over tens of thousands and counting!




PM - "Don't Be a Hero" -  2 Tim. 2:3-4
Don't try to be a a soldier of the cross!  A good soldier is a FOLLOWER, is FAITHFUL, is FAMILIAR w/ certain things, is a FIGHTER, and a FINISHER.



5/4/08 - "The Making of a Mighty Man" -  Exodus 3:1-4:31
Moses - The Burning Bush - What ingredients did God stir into the life of Moses? And will this recipe work in our lives as well? A Divine Appointment, the Divine Announcement, the Divine Assignment.



PM - "Four Keys to Effective Living" - Heb. 11

Why was God able to use Moses in such a significant way? Because Moses settled four basic questions of life:  Who Am I?  Where Did I Come From?  Why Am I Here?  Where Am I Going?



4/27/08 - "Special Deliverer" -  Exodus 2:1-25
Israel’s midwives are told to kill all male Jewish babies. But they continued making ‘special deliveries,’ and one of them was to be a special ‘deliverer’!  His PRESERVATION, his EDUCATION, then some COMPLICATIONS, and finally the ISOLATION -- this was all THE PREPARATION of a Prophet!   [Presented in 2 parts]


4/20/08 - "Prisoners in Paradise" -  Exodus 1:1-14
First in new series: Out of Africa - An Exposition of Exodus - Sin will take you farther than you want to go. Sin will keep you longer than you want to stay. Sin will cost you far more than you want to pay.



4/16/08 - "Don't Be a Loser" -  2 John 1:8
When it comes to weight, being the “Biggest Loser” has become a cult phenomenon. This verse admonishes us in how not to lose our rewards and other positive qualities.

    [2 parts]


4/13/08 - "An Up Front Word on Backsliding" -  Proverbs 14:14

How correctable are you? Does God have permission to speak to your heart? What if what He says to you today requires you to humble yourself?



4/6/08 - "What Jesus Left Behind" -  Acts 1:6-11
40 days after the resurrection is the ascension.  His final words give us vision and purpose until His return.  We should never forget these 7 things that Jesus remembered to leave behind.



4/2/08 - "Cast the Net" -  John 21:1-14
Jesus talked about fishing often…he ate fish several times in the Bible, He called these fishermen to be His disciples, and when it came time to teach these guys an object lesson, He knew what to use!



3/30/08 - "Heartburn" -  Luke 24:13-33
It was a walk to remember, but they had forgotten Jesus’ promise of His resurrection. They went from being HEARTBROKEN, to doing some HEARTSEARCHING, to their HEART BURNING within them.



3/26/08 - "The Next 40 Days..." -  John 21:25
A chronological overview of what happened after Jesus arose, whom He appeared unto, and what He said before leaving earth -- His passion truly wasn’t the end, but the beginning!



3/23/08 - "The Purpose and Proof of the Resurrection" -  Matthew 27:50-28:15
Just like the end of the world is actually only the beginning, this was not the end for Jesus. He Who was is ’the Beginning’ is just getting started!



PM - Deleted Scenes from "The Passion of the Christ" - As good as the movie was, I prefer "the book."  A two hour film couldn't possibly include some of the most wonderful scenes which can be found on the "cutting room floor."




3/16/08 - "The Highest Hill in the World" -  Matthew 27:31-43
Calvary’s Simon - compelled. Calvary’s Soldiers - calloused. Calvary’s Suffering - Complete! How to renew a passion for the Passion of Christ.

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


3/12/08 - "Call Me Barabbas" -  Matthew 27:11-31
Politician Pilate is on trial now, and he has a finger in the air checking the wind’s direction. Instead of doing what is right, he does what is easy.



3/9/08 - "Palms in the Garden" -  Matthew 26:36-56
The only palms that really mattered eternally during passion week were Jesus’ palms. A study of all His hands touched and accomplished, and what they were about to do!

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


PM - "Two on Trial" -  Matthew 26:57-75
Passion Week: A careful examination of the text reveals there were really 2 people being tried. Not only Jesus, but also Peter.



3/5/08 - "Getting Ready for the Cross" -  Matthew 26:1-13
Jesus will be the Passover Lamb! The ANNOUNCING of the cross, the ARRANGING of the cross, the ANOINTING for the cross.



3/2/08 - "WWJD-WY?" -  Matthew 25:31-46
It’s not “What Would Jesus Do”, it’s “What WILL Jesus Do...With You?”, and the answer depends upon what you decide to do with Jesus.



2/27/08 - "Saved to Serve" -  Matthew 25:14-30
The Parable of the Talents reminds Christians that we weren’t saved to sit, soak, and sour...we were saved to serve! Just like in tennis-Service begins w/ ’Love’.



2/24/08 - "End Times Explosion" -  Matthew 24:32-44
Bible reasons why a soon return of Christ is not just possible but PROBABLE - Compelling evidence that at any time now Christ could explode onto the scene, rupturing the sky and rapturing the saints!

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


2/20/08 - "The Devil's Devices" -  2 Corinthians 2:11
We cannot be ignorant of our Enemy! SATAN USES - distraction, discouragement, disappointment, discontentment, discord, and disassociation.



2/17/08 - "The Last Harvest" -  Revelation 14:9-20
How could this be? A river of blood 4’ deep for 200 miles? Because you reap WHAT you sow, you reap LATER than you sow, & you reap MORE than you sow.

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


PM - "Tune in to God" -  1 Samuel 3:1-10

Does God talk to you? Would you think you'd have to be crazy to think so?  This message uses radio and technology as a running theme / illustration for keeping in touch with what God is saying to you.



2/10/08 - "Wedding Day" -  Revelation 19:1-10
"Marriage Supper of the Lamb" - The church will not go thru the tribulation…we will be part of an evacuation! Inc. 4 things a good marriage will have.

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


2/6/08 - "The King is Coming...Again!" -  Revelation 19:11-21
The BIGGEST battle of all time will also be the quickest! Jesus is coming back VISIBLY, VICTORIOUSLY, & w/ a VENGEANCE.

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


2/3/08 - "Super Sunday, Super Tuesday, & Satan's Superman" -  2 Thessalonians 2:1-10
Jesus rode into town on Sunday, and He rose on the next Super Sunday, but He gave these super teachings about the end of the world on Tuesday.



1/30/08 - "The Backbone of Bible Prophecy" -  Matt. 24:15; Dan. 9:24-27
Understand this and the rest is much more clear.  Jesus said to turn back to Daniel and see the 70 Weeks of Years - the most amazing prophecy in the Bible!

            2 parts now complete

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here

1/27/08 "Storm Warning" -  Matt. 24:14; Rev. 7
A lull before the BIG storm - What the church has failed to do for 2,000 years will be accomplished quickly during the tribulation.



1/23/08 - "Welcome to the Tribulation" -  Matthew 24:9-14
Satan’s full program cannot run while the Spirit is still here in the hearts of believers...but once the salt is removed from this earth there is no more preservation found for it!

        [This sermon only available in the 'Gospel of Jesus Series' or the 'Complete Collection'.]  Click here


1/20/08 - "The Beginning of Labor Pains" -  Matthew 24:1-8
We are already feeling the ’birth pangs’ Jesus said would proceed the end times. This world’s contractions are close together, the earth is dilated to 10 & could deliver at any time!

First in new 'End of World Series' - Must see visuals


1/16/08 - "Unmasking the Hypocrite" -  Matthew 23:1-39
Jesus did something no one else had done...He stood up to the religious bullies that were leading people astray. There’s much we can learn about hypocrisy here.



1/13/08, AM & PM - "Four Questions" -  Matthew 22:15-46
ENTRAPMENT! Jesus’ enemies sought to entangle Him--their guns were loaded, and so were their questions. But His answers left them speechless. Then Jesus posed a question of His own.



1/9/08 - "The King is Coming!" -  Matthew 21:1-17
The final week of Jesus’ ministry is beginning, and the triumphal entry is a prelude to so much that will happen that week, and in eternity as well! First in a series that will lead us all the way to an early Easter in March.



1/6/08, AM & PM - "A Clean Slate for 2008" -  Romans 13:11-12

Thank God He allows 'do-overs!' What to leave behind and what to reach forward and grasp as we begin a New Year. But what is this Biblical resolution to be F.A.T. all about?




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