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7/3/11 - "End Times Posse:  The Four HorsemenRevelation 6:1-8

The stage is set for the rapture of the church…and these seals will begin to be opened, and these 4 horsemen will ride.








6/29/11 - "A Tale of Two Men

Genesis 4:1-16
Cain and Abel...2 different paths, and where each ended up. We all make choices that affect our future.




6/28/11 - "Highway to HeavenIsaiah 35:8-10
A unique memorial service for a trucker in our church.  God worked powerfully and many were saved at the conclusion.











6/26/11 - "Behold the Throne!Revelation 4
Why does the church go off the air in Rev. 4:1? Because the church goes “in the air” - and look what we see in heaven!








6/26/11 - "Who is Worthy to Open the Book?Revelation 5
 It's the title deed to the earth, and the devil, the god of this world, is currently in possession of it, but not for long!








6/22/11 - "Much MoreRomans 5:15-21
 From the first Adam to the last Adam [Christ] we see all we lost in sin and all we gained thanks to our Savior! One man makes all the difference.







6/15/11 - "The Adam FamilyRomans 5:12-21
We continue in our heritage as we "Lurch" through life, still allowing sin to "Fester" within us. What a strange "Thing" is this family. Yes Cousin "It" is!






Greatest Dad6/19/11 - "My Dad is the Greatest" - Psalm 128

Celebrating great dads: Their CHARACTER, their COMPANION, and their CHILDREN.




6/12/11 - "Tearing Down the Temples of HellActs 19:8-27
Paul had an open door of OPPORTUNITY. There were many OBSTACLES. God helped him to OVERCOME! God closes a door and opens a warehouse!






5/11 thru 6/8/11 - "Benefits of Justification" - Romans 5
What are the benefits to salvation? Not just in the sweet by and by, but in the nasty now and now?

All 5 parts now complete here!



6/5/11 - "An Inspired Outline of the Book of Revelation" -  Revelation 1:19
This appeals to me, personally, because I like to preach from an organized outline…most of my sermons will have several points...some have several more than they should!







6/1/11 - "The Bible and NUMB3RS" -  Revelation 1:20
God is a God of order, and created a universe of precise mathematical design. And He gave special significance to many numbers throughout the Bible.




Glimpse at Glorified Christ PowerPoint Sermon5/22/11 - "A Glimpse of the Glorified Christ" - Revelation 1:4-20
There are many descriptions of Christ in the OT and the NT, but none like this in his glorified, unveiled presence. Christ the HUMAN One, the HIGH Priest, and the HOLY.




Revelation 1 PowerPoint SermonsPM - "A Glimpse of the Glorified Christ, pt. 2" - Revelation 1:4-20
There are many descriptions of Christ in the OT and the NT, but none like this in his glorified, unveiled presence.  His eyes: Penetrating. His feet: Pursuing. His voice: Powerful. His glory: Praiseworthy. The LAMB is now the LION!




5/15/11 - "The Blessing of Reading and Heeding" - Revelation 1:1-3
1st in series [which is complete in its entirety] - The Lord took John away from his busy life as Pastor of the church at Ephesus that he might write down heavenly visions revealed unto him.




The Glory of the Lord is Departed5/8/11 - "What Did Your Mother Do to You?" - I Samuel 4:1-22
This ’outside the box’ Mother’s Day sermon honors moms, but it also speaks of Father God and Israel, and we can apply some great truths to mothering in America today, which is one of the greatest challenges of all of human history.




5/4/11 - "Death of Osama bin Laden" -  Proverbs 24:17
 I take no pleasure of anyone going to hell - but God's justice is satisfied, and today UBL's knees bow and his tongue confesses Jesus Christ as Lord!





5/1/11 - "A Pitiful Sight" -  Romans 4:9-25
An illustration of people groups who today do ’penance’ to earn God’s favor highlights Paul’s admonition to the Jews who made so many pitiful attempts at gaining God’s salvation He wants to freely give away.




5/1/11 - "Wedding Day" -  Revelation 19:1-10
The REAL royal wedding -- "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" - The church will not go thru the tribulation…we will be part of an evacuation! Inc. 4 things a good marriage will have.




5/1/11 - "The Gospel According to Abraham" -  Romans 4:1-8
Paul spends a lot of time on justification because our nature tries to clothe ourselves with righteousness in the form of fig leaves, but we are not truly clothed with righteousness until God does the clothing.




Proverbs 24:16 PowerPoint Sermon4/24/11 - "Fresh Start" - Proverbs 24:16
The Resurrection was the ultimate turnaround! This message is for many who have fallen and need to ’rise up.’ We can have a clean slate, a new plan, & a fresh start!




4/20/11 - "Never Satisfied"-Proverbs 30:15-16
The Bible gives us 4 things which are never satisfied, and then tells us where true satisfaction comes from.




4/17/11 - "Old Fashioned Christianity" - Proverbs 22:28
From old fashioned day in this 45th anniversary year of GBC--3 areas where we need more old fashioned preaching: AGAINST SIN, ABOUT HELL, ON SACRIFICE!




4/13/11 - "If You're Saved and You Know It Say Amen!" - Romans 3:28, 1 John
Everyone has faith in something. There is a counterfeit kind of faith. Even the demons believe in God but aren't saved. The evolutionist has more faith than we do! Let's learn true faith.




4/10/11 - "Who is Jesus Christ to You?" - Matthew 16:13-17
It’s the PERENNIAL question, a PERSONAL question, & a PROVIDENTIAL question. A Legend? A Liar? A Lunatic? Or is He LORD?!




PM - "The Mysteries of Providence and the Majesty of Peace" - Acts 12 reveals "3 Mysteries" of God's Providence and even more about His Peace.





4/6/11 - "Justified Freely" - Romans 3:24-31
Ask me why I love my wife and I'll have laundry list of reasons she's lovable. But Jesus loved me while I was yet a sinner.




4/3/11 - "BIG Days" - Acts 2:41-47
The church is in for some BIG Days when there’s a CONVERTED MEMBERSHIP, and when CONSTANT MINISTRY and CONTINUAL MULTIPLICATION are taking place.




PM - "From Wrath to Righteousness" - Romans 3:21-22
It's true: Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven...but it's even better than that in God's's as if those sins never happened...completely erased!




3/27/11 - "Friends Don't Let Friends Die Lost" - Psalms 126:5-6
If you would take the car keys away from a drunk then you should witness to a friend. Deathbed quotes from both the saved and the lost illustrate how different both are, and how real hell is.




Prayer2/15/06 - "7 People Who Ought To Pray" - 1 Samuel 12:23
Of course, we all ought to...but these specific categories are full of eye-opening truths that will bring us all to our knees!




3/20/11 - "God vs. Humanity" - Romans 3:9-23
Paul is the prosecuting attorney bringing an indictment in the case of God vs. Humanity. Evidence is presented, and the Verdict is read.




3/16/11 - "Objection Overruled" - Romans 2:17-3:8
 4 objections of the heathen, the hypocrites, and the Hebrews are discussed and overruled by the Judge on the Throne!




3/13/11 AM - "The Hypocrite's Triple Judgment" - Romans 2:1-16
God looks on the heart, and sees through all of those things that we outwardly decorate ourselves with.




Prayer of Jabez PowerPoint SermonPM - "Jabez:  Livin' Large" - 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
We all want God's blessings in a 'big' way, but many misunderstand the 'big' picture and how to receive all God wants to share with us.  What Jabez’s more than a prayer, it is a philosophy of looking to God for Grace, Growth, Guidance, and Godliness.




Happy Face3/9/11 - "7 Happy People" - John 13:17
Unlike joy, happiness is temporary...based on ’happenstance’. But God tells us 7 ’circumstances’ which will lead us to happiness more often.




Just One Look PowerPoint sermon3/6/11 AM- "Just One Look" - Isaiah 45:22
One look is all it takes to bring: Condemnation, Justification, Sanctification, & Glorification. Dozens of Bible examples of people being forever changed by just one look!  [Deals w/ the concept of 'one look' from lust all the way to salvation, sanctification, and beyond!]




Mentally Challenged, Retarded, Babies Get Saved3/6/11 - "Young Hearts and Special Needs"
Will my baby / child go to heaven if he dies? Can my mentally challenged youngster get saved? As a Pastor I hear the first question a lot. As the parent of a special needs child, I ask the latter question often. What does the Bible say on this subject?




3/2/11 PM - "The Only Sin" - Romans 1:18-32

The only sin today is to call sin "sin." If you do, you are labeled as intolerant. An expose of homosexuality and other sexual perversions from God’s perspective.




2/27/11 AM - "got yours?" - John 1:35-46

Each of the disciples were reached one by one! And from this the Word of God was preached throughout the world as each one of them continued to reach one. Got yours?




2/27/11 PM - "Effective Evangelism" - Acts 15:36-16:5





2/23/11 PM - "Not Ashamed" - Romans 1:16

While every wicked thing imaginable is coming out of its closet,it’s time that the people of God came out from underneath the rock, stood on the Rock, and let it be known where they stand.




2/20/11 AM/PM - "Four Fearsome Factors" - Romans 1:16-20

Is God fair to let a person die and go to Hell who has never even once heard the name of Jesus? A Biblically [not politically] correct answer.




2/16/11 PM - "How To Be A 'Prime' Minister" - God has called every member of the church to "The Ministry."  Life on earth is "Prime Time" as long as we live!  Here’s 10 Biblical Directives which charge us all to answer the call.





2/13/11 AM - "Love:  Passion or Promise?" - Does love sustain our commitment or should commitment sustain our love? The story of Gomer and Hosea is a spiritual Valentine from God to us!





2/13/11 PM - "Why We Hurt the Ones We Love" - My spouse, my family, my friends...why do I slip and treat them that way?





2/9/11 - "Three I AMs" - Romans 1:14-16
Paul said, verse 14, “I am debtor …” verse 15, “. . . I am ready . . .” verse 16, “. . . I am not ashamed . . .”





2/6/11 - "The Greatest Book in the Bible" - Romans 1:1
I'm glad I don't have to choose, but if I were shipwrecked on an island and had to pick one book of the Bible, I believe I'd take Romans.





2 Ways1/30/11 - "Two Ways" - Matthew 7:13-29
Super Bowl Sunday: There’s only 2 ways the big game can go. So it is in the game of life--2 Ways to HEAVEN, to HAPPINESS, 2 Ways to LIVE, and to DIE.

                              Another 'Super Sunday' Sermon



1/26/11 - "Internal Combustion"  Jeremiah 20:9


All about being on fire for God!







1/23/11 - "The Salvation of the Kuna"  Acts 10


A searching Gentile soldier [Cornelius], a soul-winning gospel servant [Peter], and a surprising Gentile salvation.







1/19/11 - "The Power of a Prayer Meeting"  Acts 4


4 ways to better pray and 'shake the place' for God!







1/9/11 - "Gray Hairs"  Hosea 7


6 Gray Hairs grow on the spiritually aging Christian who allows their life to decline and backslide.








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